Quartz Countertops 

White Quartz Countertops

DIFINITI Quartz Countertops & Tile 

Quartz products are comprised of quartz, granite or recycled glass held together with a pigmented binder. Including some of nature’s strongest minerals, DIFINITI is resistant to stains and scratches.

Depth. Character. Clarity.
DIFINITI provides consistency of color with extraordinary strength. Choose from an assortment of slab and tile colors within our stylish Collections. DIFINITI will add a signature style to your kitchen or bath that truly suits your lifestyle.

Express Personal Style
Style is a distinctive manner of expression that is very personal. Each individual has their own personality that describes who they are and what they’re about. Define the personality of your space with DIFINITI…Quartz to Suit Your Lifestyle.

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Quartz Counter Tops

Diresco Belgian Quartz

One of the oldest and most prominent quartz manufacturers in the world and the leading manufacturer of engineered quartz in western Europe.  Diresco is an outstanding surface material that can be applied in a multitude of interior, commercial and residential applications. Quartz surfaces, with their numerous attributes, are the ideal solution for: countertops, vanities, floor tiles, fireplaces, windowsills, bar-tops and various other interior claddings.

Knowing individual taste can vary considerably, Diresco provides a collection of quartz surfaces that will coordinate with your personal style. Whether you prefer a traditional, contemporary or transitional space, Diresco Belgian Quartz will provide you with an ideal surfacing solution.

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