Tile Flooring & Mosaics

Casalgrande Tile


Entirely made of natural raw materials, Casalgrande Padana’s stoneware is manufactured through a closed-circuit process that stands out for an extremely low environmental impact. These ceramic products go far beyond the usual products you can find on the market, as they are fit for any purpose or type of building.

Casalgrande Padana has been producing advanced ceramic materials for over 50 years: innovative and environment-friendly solutions for the creation of coatings, floors and coatings capable of responding to any creative and technological requirement of the world of architecture and design.

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Vitalia Tile

A popular alternative to natural stone, Porcelain tile can adapt to any space instantly, through its ability to take on any color or texture.  With today’s leading technology, Porcelain is a solid contender amongst natural stone products.  You are now able to achieve the look of marble, granite, limestone and wood without the high cost and maintenance.
Intensely versatile, Vitalia Porcelain Tile is available in 12x24, 24x24 and Plank Tile,  suitable for both residential and commercial projects.

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Monte Bianco Marble Mosaics

Monte Bianco Marble Mosaics

Monte Bianco is a collection of the finest white marble mosaics & tile of the region, produced by highly skilled craftsmen, to deliver a product of unparalleled quality.  Deep in the Apuane Mountains of Tuscany, Italy lies the most beautiful white marble the world has ever known. It is here that the rich tradition of Italian marble production began, and it is this exquisite stone that has inspired so many throughout human history.

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Quintessenza TilesQuintessenza

Tile and mosaic wall coverings in its elemental state. Quintessenza multi-faceted ceramic surface that is versatile and eclectic, suggesting multiple and infinite combinations of colours, sizes and layouts. Bucking the trend of today’s mainstream ceramic products Quintessenza turns to the past to retrieve the values and origins of hand crafted ceramics mosaics in a new dialogue between the modern and the traditional. The basic elements of Quintessenza wall coverings are small size tiles, material, the thickness, the surface finish, the structure and the exclusively monochrome colouring.

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Luce Glass MosaicsLuce Glass Mosaics

Mosaic glass and stone tile is an easy way to add a splash of personality to your kitchen or bathroom backsplash.  Be creative, if applied strategically or subtly, glass tile can be both classy and chic.
The Luce Glass Collection is available in a variety of shapes, patterns and tones that can visually enhance the appearance of any space.

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