The Danby Marble Quarry is famous for producing exquisite marbles with exceptional performance and durability. Recognized as the most prestigious white marble in North America, Danby Marbles are featured on many historic landmarks including the Lincoln Memorial, US Senate Building and many other federal and state buildings. Located in Danby, Vermont this 100 year old quarry is the largest underground marble quarry in the world. The quarry's 25 acre footprint and 1-1/2 mile depth offers capacity of 180,000 cubic feet per year offering the ability to accommodate the needs of almost any size project.

Green Aspects

Vermont Danby Marbles are both extracted and processed within the quarry. This unique combination allows for the domestic production of beautiful marbles with a reduced carbon footprint and lead-time compared to the international alternatives. The Danby Marble Quarry sits within 500 miles of many US cities such as New York, Boston, Washington, DC and Philadelphia. For those projects located within 500 miles, Vermont Danby Marbles may help contribute toward regional material credit for those projects seeking LEED Certification.
The Vermont Danby Marble Collection is also Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified. Vermont Vermont Danby Collections Quarries is the first and only marble quarry to achieve this certification for low chemical emissions.

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Sustainable Limestone

Looking for a local stone for your next project? Domestic Limestone Collection by Terrazzo & Marble offers a selection of locally quarried and processed limestone from the Midwest.
"LEED" by example by sourcing natural stone tile from the Midwest and help contribute to MRcr5.1 & 5.2 Local Regional Materials credit for your next project. These neutral colored limestones are regionally quarried and available in multiple finishes and various sizes.
By purchasing materials quarried within a 500 mile radius of the project location, not only are you reducing the environmental impacts resulting from the transportation of building materials across the country or even the world, but you are also offering the strength, durability and beauty of natural stone.
For details on T&M's Great Domestic Limestone Collection, view the downloadable brochure or call 877.TM.SLABS.

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Below is a summary of products that may contribute toward LEED credit for your project.

PRODUCTS MR 1.3 MR 4.1 & 4.2 MR 5.1 & 5.2 IEQ 4.4 % Recycled Content / Origin
DIFINTI quartz       Up to 45% recycled content (select colors)
Eureka marble slab     Danby, Vermont
Imperial Danby marble slab     Danby, Vermont
Montclair Danby marble slab     Danby, Vermont
Mountain White marble slab     Danby, Vermont
Olympian White marble slab     Danby, Vermont
Royal Danby marble slab     Danby, Vermont
Iverson limestone tile       Cottonwood Falls, KS
Chesterfield limestone tile       Perryville, MO
Cumberland limestone tile       Lannon, WI
Divided Sky limestone tile       Hudson Valley, NY
Leawood limestone tile       Silverdale, KS
Libra VC limestone tile       Bedford, IN
Midwestern Gold limestone tile       Mankato, MN
Titanium limestone tile       Lannon, WI
Alpine limestone tile       Escanaba, MI
Cambrian Black granite slab       Saint-Sebastien, Quebec Canada
Kodiak granite slab       Saint-Sebastien, Quebec Canada