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Thickness: 3cm

Type: Precioustone

Finish: Polished

Price Level: Luxury

The appeal, rarity and beauty of gems have inspired legends and stories full of fantasy and adventure for centuries. Today the legend becomes a reality and with the availability of these collections. We have great pleasure in presenting to you our new Precioustone and Gemstone Collections.

Each slab of these specially selected specimens has been painstakingly laid out and hand assembled by experienced craftspeople to take full advantage of the beauty of the precioustone collection. Visit our new precioustone gallery located in Wheeling Il, and see these remarkable stones in person.
  • Agatona Bundle 1
    Lot #: 24420
    • Serial #
    • Slab Size:
    • Location:
    74" x 124" x 3cm
    Wheeling, IL
Please call to confirm availability and location of slabs. Transfer fees will apply.