Giallo Ornamental Premium

Thickness: 3cm

Type: Granite

Finish: Polished

Price Level: 2

Granite is an igneous rock, formed by the crystallization of molten lava. Minerals within granite typically appear as small flecks throughout the stone, creating a “salt and pepper” look. Other types have veining similar to marble. Granite is a dense - grained, hard stone. It can be highly polished or finished in a variety of other ways. A broad spectrum of color is available.
  • Giallo Ornamental Premium Bundle 1
    Lot #: 21249
    • Serial #
    • Slab Size:
    • Location:
    71" x 130" x 3cm
    Golden Valley, MN
  • Giallo Ornamental Premium Bundle 2
    Lot #: 22706
    • Serial #
    • Slab Size:
    • Location:
    72" x 116" x 3cm
    Farmington Hills, MI
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