Statuario White Extra

Dimensions: 1"x1"x3/8

Type: Marble

Finish: Polished

Monte Bianco

Deep in the Apuane Mountains of Tuscany, Italy lies the most beautiful white marble the world has ever known. It is here that the rich tradition of Italian marble production began, and it is this exquisite stone that has inspired so many throughout human history.

Continuously quarried for over 2000 years, this classic symbol of wealth and refined taste has been employed in the construction of many of western civilization's most important monuments. It served as the preferred medium of expression by the great masters of the Italian Renaissance, and continues to inspire the discerning designer today.

Terrazzo and Marble has captured this stone's enduring elegance in Monte Bianco: a collection of the finest white marble of the region, produced by highly skilled craftsmen, to deliver a product of unparalleled quality.