2019 Motto: Living Coral


Living Coral aka Pantone 16-1546, has been named the 2019 Color of the Year.  This vibrant shade is said to dominate the design industry over the next 12 months.


2018 was definitely ultra violet.  The provocative, thoughtful yet mysterious shade of purple led us straight into the calmness and comfort of Living Coral.  Living Coral embraces us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy in the continually shifting environment.

As Pantone mentions, Living Coral, is the color of carefree happiness.  It “symbolizes our innate need for optimist and joyful pursuits,” a feeling many might be craving in today’s times.

The orange pink hue is said to bring life into any space. So why not get into the spirit and bring some joy inside.  Be inspired by these pops of Living Coral.


” I love the concept of drawing color inspiration from nature.  Coral can be dramatic, but also feels fresh and cheerful.  Too much for some in a fixed finish but a beautiful accessory or compliment to a dynamic space.”

- Emily Van Tassel, Architectural Sales Rep


“Our white marble (natural, quartz or porcelain) offerings are a great compliment to this vibrant color of splash!”

–Daniel Johnson, Vice President VP


“Coral is so bright and bold, there is just something about the color that feels earthbound and welcoming, optimistic and intimate. It’s a shade people want to live with.”

-Kamila Pasko, Interior Design Consultant


Introducing -TERRAZZO by Diresco


Announcer: (talks with excitement)
Wow, can we all agree Terrazzo is hotter than ever!
(crowd cheers)
Terrazzo: (sarcastically)
New Year, who this?
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Is there a better way to introduce TERRAZZO by Diresco Belgian Quartz then a short play and a puppy!? We think not.  Diresco just dropped the hottest five colors mimicking the ever popular look of terrazzo.


Behind the Look

Bram Bollen, Studio PlanB

Bram Bollen, Studio PlanB


To capitalize on this trend, Diresco and Belgian Designer, Bram Bollen, of Studio PlanB teamed up. Bram is a product designer in Europe known for his sleek contemporary aesthetic.  Together they have injected modernity into traditional terrazzo.

The 5 trendy new colors are quartz based and have the same strength, durability and ease of maintenance as all of the Diresco products.

The detailed yet simple design of these colors allows designers to be flexible and use in both modern and classic spaces.




Do you have a favorite?

Prepare to fall in love! These new colors are available in both polished and velvet finish.  Polished surfaces provide a radiant finish with an impeccable linear reflection that presents a depth and sophistication to the material.

While, the velvet surfaces provide a matte or non-reflective finish that is much softer to the eye and touch. The luxurious look and feel of the velvet finish evokes a relaxed and natural feel.

Terrazzo Black

Terrazzo Black

Terrazzo White

Terrazzo White

Terrazzo Grey

Terrazzo Grey

Terrazzo Crea Light

Terrazzo Crea Light

Terrazzo Crea Dark

Terrazzo Crea Dark

The difference between Diresco TERRAZZO & Traditional Terrazzo:

Diresco’s TERRAZZO is different from traditional terrazzo in two significant ways.

The Aggregate:  Traditional terrazzo uses crushed pieces of marble, granite, glass, even mirror. Diresco’s TERRAZZO uses crushed pieces of previously pressed Diresco quartz slabs for their aggregate.

The Aesthetic: Traditional terrazzo is usually densely packed with aggregate and held together with a cementitious or epoxy binder.  TERRAZZO’s aggregate is more sparsely broadcast allowing the background color to stand out.




Certainly, this series is ideal for kitchen countertops, vanities, and furniture, but these slabs could also be cut down and used as a flooring option in a smaller residential application when traditional terrazzo is cost prohibitive.

We saved the best for last: Diresco TERRAZZO is also BIO/UV safe, making these the perfect option for outdoor use.

Call your T&M Rep for more info/samples today!