Good things don’t just come in tiny blue boxes.

Have you ever received a gift from Tiffany’s? You don’t even have to open it, the box itself, that iconic Tiffany Blue puts a smile on your face.   Tiffany has turned their distinctive shade into an international icon of elegance and sophistication. “From the moment you set your eyes upon Tiffany’s cool and fresh aquatic blue shade, a color that speaks to vibrancy and escape, you are immediately transported into a world filled with luxury and delight.” –Pantone

Blue Box Cafe Clock IMG_3930

It’s no wonder the launch of Tiffany & Co’s new blue themed restaurant features Amazonite specialty stone.  You can find the unique turquoise hues of Amazonite throughout the walls of Blue Box Café.  They say turquoise is the color that can recharge ones spirits during times of mental stress and tiredness.  When focusing on the color turquoise, whether on a wall, clothing or décor you feel an instant calm, a gentle tuck of energy.

Blue Box Cafe 1

For being a bright and vibrant color, turquoise is also versatile and comes in many different shades and tones.  When incorporating turquoise into your next project, consider the cousins: Aqua, Aquamarine & Teal.  Choose the version that best suits your personality and the vibe you want to go with.  There is no wrong choice, these are all great pick me up colors that are sure to to awaken your spirits.


Closer to green than blue, aqua is refreshing and uplifting. It is creative and light-hearted, yet strong and individual.  Add a soft glow to any space especially great for brightening up a small area.

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Enhancing creativity and inspiration, the color aquamarine calms and balances the mind and emotions.  Aquamarine is a vibrant eye catching color, one glace and you’ll be dreaming of a Caribbean vacation.

Lightstreams Aquamarine Glass Tile Swimming Pool Floor 3a9142c7bce4597ea1d17d4bbe587e49


A more sophisticated version of turquoise, teal signifies trustworthiness and reliability. It promotes spiritual advancement and commitment.  This chic hue can stand alone or be paired with any sister shades of blue.

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The Story Behind the Stone – Iceberg Extra

IMG_1764 Some say it’s better to be lucky than good, and that may be true – but no matter what, we believe hard work always pays off in the end! Iceberg Extra has a similar story to tell on how this wonderful white quartz was discovered. Our good friend and explorer, Maxwell, was on a quest in Brazil searching for Emerald Quartzite. The land he was exploring is very well known for the emerald and therefore very well guarded. The heavy abundance of emerald bandits made his journey very dangerous; however, what he ended up finding is a story for the ages.


Located in the NW region of Bahia, Brazil – Maxwell was lost in the middle of nowhere, when all of a sudden; he stumbled upon the largest deposit of white quartz in the entire world. His loooong adventure and hard work finally paid off in LARGE dividends as this quarry of white quartz is unlike anything anyone has ever seen. Production out of this quarry is very limited due to the level of difficulty to get to this desolate area. Our exclusive relationship with Maxwell gives us first priority when it comes to looking at their most exclusive blocks. Come see the finest white quartz in the world – Iceberg Extra .


The Benefits of Ultra-Thin Slabs

Sometimes less is more! With the recent shift in design trends, simple and clean are the sought after looks. You can notice this recent trend in kitchen and bathroom designs, these spaces are becoming more open, featuring a modern slick look. Designers and architects are pushing more and more stone walls, back splashes and fireplace surrounds in their projects making the use of 3cm slabs a bit of a challenge, until now! The unveiling of ultra thin slabs has literally taken design options to the next level! Thin slabs weigh less and also simplify the fabrication process yielding more cost savings while shortening the duration of projects. These slabs are also more forgiving and less likely to crack on installations.

Diresco Belgian Quartz 1.2 cm Slabs

With Quartz being the “it” product on the market, Diresco Belgian Quartz combines the power of quartz while pleasing the current ultra-thin look that is craved by designers and architects. The 1.2cm slabs measure at 127 inches long by 55 inches wide. Don’t be fooled by the thinness of these compared to the standard quartz thickness, they are incredibly strong, non-porous and extremely durable – perfect for both residential and high traffic installations. interior of modern european kitchen

Diresco Belgian Quartz 1.2 Slabs are recommended for the following surfaces:

  • Countertops
  • Full Wall Back Splashes
  • Vanities
  • Floor Slabs
  • Staircases
  • Shower Walls
  • Interior Cladding
  • Fireplace Cladding


Polycor – Ultra-Thin 1cm Reinforced Slabs

Polycor now offers ultra-thin 1cm reinforced marble and granite slabs. These innovative slabs are 1/3 of the weight and 10x stronger, finally giving designers the freedom to go bigger and higher with their projects. These 1cm slabs are backed with a proprietary reinforcement, giving them 10 times the strength of unbacked granite or marble. There are no special tools required to work with these 1 cm slabs, you can treat them as normal. In fact, the positives are less wear and tear on the tools themselves and projects are completed faster due to less work being required. 1cm_Ultra_Thin_Slab_Polycor_PoggenPohl_7 Ultra-thin reinforced slabs are recommended for the following surfaces:

  • Counter Tops
  • Full Wall Back Splashes
  • Vanities
  • Floor Slabs
  • Shower Walls
  • Interior Cladding
  • Exterior Cladding


The Best of the Best!

White Marble & Quartz ended the year with a bang, just like we predicted! Each year we like to look back on our best sellers and also the most popular and in demand stones the industry has to offer!

With a wide variety of choices that today’s homeowners have, picking out a kitchen or bathroom counter top/backsplash is no easy task. This is a process and not always an easy one. People’s minds constantly change, and our hold lists are always being updated, until finally there’s a match made in heaven!

Introducing our Show-Stoppers of 2015!

Viareggio has not only been the best seller but the most requested stone of the year. Made for lovers of the “white marble look”, but with the strength of Quartz!

Viareggio - DIFINITI Quartz


The clean and crisp look of Pearl was an eye catcher this year, and we can see exactly why. This versatile Quartz can make a strong statement all on its own or be used to balance a busy decor.



We are not at all surprised that Bianca Perla made the list. The natural character and soft veining found in this Quartzite can easily suit any design style, from traditional to modern.

Bianca Perla Kitchen Countertop


Iceberg Quartzite Extra can literally light up any room! This translucent Quartzite can be back lit in both a Polished & Satin finish.

Iceberg Extra Kitchen Countertop


Crestola, the copy cat of our luxurious Calacatta Borghini Extra! (and to the naked eye can easily pass as one, shhh!)

Crestola Quartz Countertop


Imperial Danby Extra made the list not only for it’s beauty but durability as well. The absorption rate found in this marble is low, decreasing the risk of stains.

Imperial Danby - Marble Bathroom Vanity


There are plenty of reasons why Super White Extra is so popular – the bold veining and unique character found in each slab is mesmerizing.

Super White Extra Slab

Get To Know Our Team – Ryan Tavenner

Job title: Logistics Manager

Years with T&M: 9

Favorite Stone: Iceberg Quartzite Extra – polished

Why: I love that this stone is translucent and has an impeccably crisp look great for any application.

Pairs well with: Vitalia – Fusao Nero

Personal Design Interests: I like anything with a traditional flair

What do you see trending: Incorporating color into the home

Life motto: If you are early you are on time. If you are on time you are late. If you are late you are fired


Get to Know Our Team – Diane Collins

Job Title: Design Consultant

Years with T&M: 10

Favorite Stone: Raven

Why: Raven is my favorite because of its understated look. It’s grey/black appearance and wispy white veining, along with its smooth finish, gives this granite a rich, dark look.

Pairs well with: Irving Park, River North and Edison Park from the Chicago series which are all a part of the Luce glass collection

Personal Design Interests: I like traditional with a contemporary edge/feel.

If I had a theme song, it would be: Carly Simon’s Nobody Does it Better-The Spy Who Loved Me

What do you see trending: Mixing polished and satin materials in the kitchen.

Get to Know Our Team – Tony Manola

Tony - blog photo

Never work on an empty stomach!

Job Title:  Contractor Sales/Design Consultant

Years With T&M:  3 ½

Favorite Stone:  Aspen Gray – Honed (Marble)

Why: Aspen Gray is different from many of the other marbles I normally see.  I love the soft, gray tones and subtle dark veins.

Pairs Well With:  A beautiful, simple white glass back splash like Luce Glass – Oslo would create an elegant look.

Personal design interests: I embrace change, and my design style is always evolving. Currently, I am into anything that has a modern look.

Life Motto: Never work on an empty stomach!

What do you see trending: I have noticed that quartz with the look of marble is very popular right now. Much like our DIFINITI color, Viareggio


Fresh Stone Fridays! 9/26/2014


Iceberg Quartzite Extra – Satin
Type: Quartzite          Price Level: 9           Designer Rewards Points: 90


Lagoinha – Polished
Type: Quartzite          Price Level: 4          Designer Rewards Points: 40


Normandy – Polished
Type: Granite          Price Level: 3          Designer Rewards Points: 30


Steel Grey – Polished
Type: Granite          Price Level: 1          Designer Rewards Points: 10


Typhoon Bordeaux – Polished
Type: Granite          Price Level: 3          Designer Rewards Points: 30


Virginia Mist – Satin
Type: Granite           Price Level: 3          Designer Rewards Points: 30


Fresh Stone Fridays! 6/13/2014

Giallo San Cecillia - Polished

Giallo San Cecillia – Polished
Type: Granite         Price Level: 1          Designer Rewards Points: 10

Giallo San Cecilia Premium - Polished

Giallo San Cecilia Premium – Polished
Type: Granite         Price Level: 2         Designer Rewards Points: 20

River White

River White – Polished
Type: Granite         Price Level: 2         Designer Rewards Points: 20

Silver Taupe

Silver Taupe – Polished
Type: Granite          Price Level: 1         Designer Rewards Points: 10

Fresh Stone Fridays! 5/30/2014

Alaska White - Polished

Alaska White – Polished
Type: Granite         Price Level: 3        Designer Rewards Points: 30

Alpine White - Polished

Alpine White – Polished
Type: Granite         Price Level: 4        Designer Rewards Points: 40

Bianca Perla - Polished

Bianca Perla – Polished
Type: Quartzite         Price Level: 5         Designer Rewards Points: 50

Brown Antique - Satin

Brown Antique – Satin
Type: Granite         Price Level: 3         Designer Rewards Points: 30

Cosmos - Polished & Satin

Cosmos – Polished & Satin
Type: Granite        Price Level: 3        Designer Rewards Points: 30

Iceberg Extra - Satin

Iceberg Extra – Satin
Type: Quartzite        Price Level: 9        Designer Rewards Points: 90


Super White – Polished
Type: Specialty        Price Level: 3        Designer Rewards Points: 30