How Preciou(stone)!

Precioustone Collection:

With over 20 colors to choose from, our slabs are supplied by the renowned Antolini Luigi and handcrafted in Italy. Gemstones that have historically been used for jewelry including amethyst, quartz, tiger eye, agate and jasper have now become the focal point of masterpieces in architectural designs for countertops, desks, tub surrounds and any other elegant space in which you desire to make a bold statement. Each slab of these specially selected specimens has been painstakingly laid out and hand assembled by experienced craftspeople.

Backlit-The Precioustone Collection’s beauty is spectacular in any application, but part of its opulent charm is that many of these materials can also be backlit to offer a more unique and striking look.

Applications-Precioustone is meant to have that “wow” factor! Make fantasy a reality with any space. Precioustone can be found in the home as countertops for the kitchen or bathroom or can even be used as art pieces. Commercial applications, such as bars, would definitely make a statement with this collection. Wherever you can envision Precioustone, is where it is meant to be!

Amethyst Medium

Amethyst Medium backlit                                                          Amethyst Medium not backlit


Wild Tiger Eye Gold.  Absolutely stunning!


Crystal Agate Classic: timeless and elegant.

Precioustone Gallery_2

Our Precioustone Gallery in Wheeling, IL. You have to see it, to believe it!

Precioustone Gallery

Our Precioustone Gallery in Wheeling, IL. This collection radiates luxury!


Smoky Quartz pairs well with any type of application


Smoky Quartz is just the right touch for this bar application





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