Pantone Color of the Year 2016: Rose Quartz & Serenity



There is a first time for everything! Pantone just announced not one but two shades, Rose Quartz & Serenity, as the 2016 Color of the Year. This harmonious duo came as a happy surprise. It is not like anyone expected the pairing of two opposites, a warm dusty pink and a cool blue.

The inspiration came from the ever changing and chaotic times that we now live in; consumers seek harmony and mindfulness which can be found in color.




Rose Quartz (Pantone 13-1520) is a “persuasive yet gentle tone that conveys compassion and a sense of composure.”



Serenity (Pantone 15-3919) is “weightless and airy, like the expanse of the blue sky above us, bringing feelings of respite and relaxation even in turbulent times.”

Carta Da Zucchero Motivi Ad




Expect to see this harmonious duo across high fashion, home interiors, accessories and design throughout the year. Independently or coupled together, Rose Quarts & Serenity will bring a sense of calmness and relaxation to any home environment.




Official Midwest Distributor of Diresco Belgian Quartz

Diresco belgian quartz


January 4th, 2016 (Irvine, CA) – Diresco USA, the direct Partner and master importer of Diresco Quartz Surfaces of Belgium, has named Terrazzo & Marble Supply Co., as the exclusive Diresco Distributor for the Midwest. The official launch occurred in August, 2015 and replaced Aetna Plywood as the distributor in the region. “The creation of this Partnership is especially significant because it is a culmination of the learnings and experiences of both of our companies,” said Scott V. MacLeod, Diresco USA’s CEO. “Our customers’ guidance, feedback and support has allowed us to continue our success in one of the most progressive and highest growth categories in our industry. Our new Partnership with T&M will only elevate our ability to expose our premium quartz surfaces to hundreds of thousands of homeowners and industry professionals throughout the Midwest each year.” Prior to the official launch, the company held discussions with key customers in order to make the transition a smooth one. “The reception was overwhelmingly positive,” observed MacLeod. “In fact, the general reaction was more or less ‘you couldn’t have picked a better Partner’ and ‘we can’t wait to be a part of your Team’ ”

Diresco USA remains an independent, privately-held company with aggressive plans for national expansion over the next two years. “Despite the significant growth we’re embarking on,” says MacLeod, “the most critical aspects of our company will stay the same. Our management team remains fully intact, and the way we conduct business – openly, honestly, respectfully, and deliberately – will never change.” Everything we do must be about quality, not quantity. This is the only way to ensure we stay true to who we are and provide the Premium Branded Experience that we promise”, says MacLeod. “T&M allows us to continue to build customer champions throughout the Midwest market.”


10571982_323275721174914_6689490859875062047_o 10675589_379803205522165_4877337316315729657_n

About Diresco & Diresco USA

Founded in 2003, Diresco is one of the oldest Breton® licensed quartz manufacturers in the world andproviding the best quartz manufactured today. Diresco USA, headquartered in Irvine, CA, is the direct Partner and master importer of Diresco premium quartz in the United States. The company is poised to expand into several other major U.S. cities over the next 12-24 months. For more information, visit

About Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies

Terrazzo and Marble Supply Companies began over seventy-five years ago with the mission to provide high quality products along with superior customer service. Today, T&M is a leading supplier and distributor of some of the most beautiful quartz, stone, tile and terrazzo products imaginable. T&M allows architects, designers, and specifiers to approach each project with confidence. Focusing on the specific customer, their team will use its vast industry expertise to tailor T&M products to meet individual requirements.  T&M currently operates five distribution facilities (Chicago, IL, Wheeling, IL, Farmington Hills, MI, Golden Valley, MN and Menomonee, WI) and services a Midwest footprint that includes 15 states.

Just in: Quintessenza Muse


Midcentury décor is seeping into modern spaces everywhere.  Introducing the Quintessenza Muse Collection, a refined shape with a wealth of history behind it.

Talia Grigio Chiaro - Grigio Chiaro Ad sm

These curvy unique tiles come in 10.5×10.5″ pieces, and make a huge statement individually. Did you know that these can be used both as a backsplash and floor tile?
(Your creativity senses should be sparking right about now.)



Yet, when pieced together they tell a rich story.

We simply can’t look away. Remember, get creative with these, you choose the order, you tell the story.


Calliope Biege



Talia Grigio Chiaro

Clio Grigio Scuro

Talia Bianco

Art for your wall? We normally don’t like to admit that we have favorites, but the Ninfa Bianco 7pc backsplash set leaves us speachless everytime.


If you don’t want the entire set you can always add the Fiore Bianco and Stelo Bianco accent pieces to any of the muse collections pieces.

fiore bianco

stelo bianco















We love taking current trends to the next level. Have you been inspired yet?


Floor As Your Canvas – Outpatient Care Pavilion, Northwestern Memorial Hospital

NMH  - Outpatient

Architect: Cannon Design – Chicago, IL
Terrazzo Contractor: Menconi Terrazzo – Bensenville, IL
Terrazzo Resin Supplier: Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies
(Terroxy Resin Systems)


Design Notes: Northwestern’s new pavilion floor design was intended to bring together the Organized Geometry of the architecture of Galter/Feinberg with the Fluid Curves in the architecture of Prentice. Terrazzo brought the precision of the geometric lines with the fluidity of the soft curves together, which no other material could do. The pattern not only provides an intuitive path of travel, but an interesting aesthetic that leads its visitors throughout the space daily. The art of architecture is used by connecting the functional elements that are needed to move through the space.

With terrazzo, the possibilities are endless. Let the floor be your canvas and bring terrazzo into your next project by contacting your Architectural Sales Consultant for assistance at 800.7.MARBLE or visit



Get To Know Our Team – Ryan Tavenner

Job title: Logistics Manager

Years with T&M: 9

Favorite Stone: Iceberg Quartzite Extra – polished

Why: I love that this stone is translucent and has an impeccably crisp look great for any application.

Pairs well with: Vitalia – Fusao Nero

Personal Design Interests: I like anything with a traditional flair

What do you see trending: Incorporating color into the home

Life motto: If you are early you are on time. If you are on time you are late. If you are late you are fired


The Floor As Your Canvas – Joe Fresh Clothing

Joe F

Architect: Callison Architects
Interior Designer: Burdiflex – Toronto Ontario
Terrazzo Contractor: D. Magnan & Co, Inc. – New York, NY
Terrazzo Resin Supplier: Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies
(Terroxy Resin Systems)


Design Notes: Shopping never looked so sleek! The Joe Fresh store on 5th Avenue blends classic white terrazzo with clean lines, allowing the bright colors of the clothes to be showcased as shoppers browse for their next purchase. The floor never competes with the main feature – the clothes – but rather performs its purpose by providing a perfect complement to the vivid modern tones. This is a great example of terrazzo in retail use, and yet another flawless floor by D. Magnan & Co.
With terrazzo, the possibilities are endless. Let the floor be your canvas and bring terrazzo into your next project by contacting your Architectural Sales Consultant for assistance at 800.7.MARBLE or visit


Get to Know Our Team – Diane Collins

Job Title: Design Consultant

Years with T&M: 10

Favorite Stone: Raven

Why: Raven is my favorite because of its understated look. It’s grey/black appearance and wispy white veining, along with its smooth finish, gives this granite a rich, dark look.

Pairs well with: Irving Park, River North and Edison Park from the Chicago series which are all a part of the Luce glass collection

Personal Design Interests: I like traditional with a contemporary edge/feel.

If I had a theme song, it would be: Carly Simon’s Nobody Does it Better-The Spy Who Loved Me

What do you see trending: Mixing polished and satin materials in the kitchen.

Get to Know Our Team – Tony Manola

Tony - blog photo

Never work on an empty stomach!

Job Title:  Contractor Sales/Design Consultant

Years With T&M:  3 ½

Favorite Stone:  Aspen Gray – Honed (Marble)

Why: Aspen Gray is different from many of the other marbles I normally see.  I love the soft, gray tones and subtle dark veins.

Pairs Well With:  A beautiful, simple white glass back splash like Luce Glass – Oslo would create an elegant look.

Personal design interests: I embrace change, and my design style is always evolving. Currently, I am into anything that has a modern look.

Life Motto: Never work on an empty stomach!

What do you see trending: I have noticed that quartz with the look of marble is very popular right now. Much like our DIFINITI color, Viareggio


Fresh Stone Fridays! 9/26/2014


Iceberg Quartzite Extra – Satin
Type: Quartzite          Price Level: 9           Designer Rewards Points: 90


Lagoinha – Polished
Type: Quartzite          Price Level: 4          Designer Rewards Points: 40


Normandy – Polished
Type: Granite          Price Level: 3          Designer Rewards Points: 30


Steel Grey – Polished
Type: Granite          Price Level: 1          Designer Rewards Points: 10


Typhoon Bordeaux – Polished
Type: Granite          Price Level: 3          Designer Rewards Points: 30


Virginia Mist – Satin
Type: Granite           Price Level: 3          Designer Rewards Points: 30


Slightly Obsessed!

ColoTherapy? Yes, please! 

You know what they say ‘a vibrant home is a happy home.’ Well, maybe no one actually says it, but who doesn’t like a little color; especially in their home.  There is nothing more eye catching then a pop of color in a dark/neutral room.

A statement is never too BOLD 

Don’t be afraid of contrast.  Let your confidence shine bright by adding a strong and bold piece of furniture into a neutral room.

Mother Nature has more colors than a crayola box! Go unique and exotic with  your Natural Stone countertop and backsplash.



Accessories: a real must!

And if all else fails? Accessorize ACCESSORIZE & Accessorize!  Have fun with your home, throw some colorful pillows in your living room or add a vase full of bright tulips to your kitchen.  You cannot go wrong with fun pops of color.