Tile-It has a presence almost anywhere you go. It can be found in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, commercial buildings, entryways, etc. It can be used as flooring, on walls, as backsplashes or anywhere that you envision. The possibilities are endless.

Tile-It can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. Soft, neutral tones will compliment any of its surroundings and bold, dramatic styles are sure to make a statement. It has the ability to take on any color, finish and size. This is perfect for the creative mind.

Tile- It can take on many forms, such as quartz, porcelain, glass, natural stone, terrazzo and so much more. Size options are endless, whether that is the smallest mosaic or a large paver format. Its color will set what kind of mood a room will convey.

Tile-It is here to stay and is trend setting. It’s meant to be colorful or monochromatic, traditional or modern, striking or subdued, small or large. It’s looking to create a space that is all its own.

Tile-It is all in the versaTILEness.

Examples of tile:


Terrazzo can also be used as tile!













With Terrazzo the tile possibilities are endless!














Angora Grey-honed limestone
Available in 6×36″ plank tiles at T&M
















Absolute Black Premium-polished granite
Available in 12×12″ tiles at T&M
















Vioso Sand

Vioso-Sand-Part of T&M’s Vitalia porcelain tile
Available in 12×24″ matte finished tiles








Europa Beige

Europa-Beige-Part of T&M’s Vitalia porcelain tile
Available in 12×24″ matte finished tiles









North Shore

North Shore-Chicago Series-Part of T&M’s Luce glass collection










Onyx-Geo Series-Part of T&M’s Luce glass collection










Edgewater-part of T&M’s DIFINITI™ quartz
Available in 12×12″ and 12×24″ polished tiles


Corvallis (1)

Corvallis-part of T&M’s DIFINITI™ quartz
Available in 12×24″ polished tiles



Calacatta Borghini Extra large format tiles
Available in 24×24″ and 36×36″ polished marble tiles at T&M










Naples Heart Institute4

Naples Heart Institute
Custom color DIFINITI™ floor tiles


Naples Heart Institute

Naples Heart Institute
Custom color DIFINITI™ floor tile



Piano-honed travertine
6×36″ plank tiles shown in the showroom at T&M’s Wheeling location



Calacatta Gold 12×12″ marble tiles displayed in a bathroom


Calacatta Nuova_2

Calacatta Nuova-large format marble tiles

Calacatta Nuova

Calacatta Nuova-large format marble tiles


Cathedral of Christ the King



Architect:    Murphy-Graves – Lexington, Ky
Terrazzo Contractor:    Martina Bros. Company, Inc.-  Lexington, KY
Terrazzo Resin Supplier:   Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies
(Terroxy® Resin Systems)


Design Notes:  The craftsmanship of the contractor and the versatility of terrazzo are fully demonstrated in the renovation of the original 1960s building.   This 3,500 square-foot installation brings in 3/8” epoxy terrazzo to match the sand-cushion terrazzo; perfectly matching the original color scheme and the Italian marble aggregates that were used.   The flow from one color to another is visually consistent giving the Cathedral of Christ the King a clean and beautiful finish.


With terrazzo, the possibilities are endless. Let the floor be your canvas and bring terrazzo into your next project by contacting your Architectural Sales Consultant for assistance at 800.7.MARBLE or visit


Rethink Your Porcelain!

Are you looking for durable, consistent and easy to maintain tile?  If so, Vitalia Porcelain Tiles may be the right choice for you!  Porcelain offers consistent colors and textures at an economic price with very little maintenance and upkeep.

Porcelain tiles can adapt to any space instantly, through its ability to take on any color or texture. With today’s leading technology, Porcelain is a solid contender amongst natural stone products.  You are now able to achieve the look of marble, granite, limestone and wood without the high cost and maintenance.

Vitalia Tile offers a porcelain line that is suitable for both residential and commercial projects. Each series, Elegante, Europa, Fusao, Marmi, Travertine and Vioso, collectively meets the consumer’s needs. Whether it’s a look that is crisp and textured, simple and elegant, contemporary, has subtle organic movements or something that resembles natural stone, Vitalia Tile delivers on all accounts.

Achieve the look you desire with 12x24”, 24x24” and 16x32” tiles. Get creative with Vitalia, check out some of our favorite porcelain tile pins:

Vioso Sand


Europa Beige


Always Make a Grand First Impression!

First impressions are lasting impressions.  It only takes one-tenth of a second for someone to paint an image of who you are or how you live.  They aren’t always accurate, and can be misleading at times.  We are all very critical of one another, especially each other’s homes.  If this very second, someone were to walk through your front door, what would your entryway say about you?

Remember the entryway sets the tone for the rest of your home.  Work with the space you have.  Determine whether you want to make a comfy and inviting entryway or a bold and daring one. There is no wrong or right way when it comes to decorating your entryway, it’s more of a sample taste of what your visitors will get when they enter your home.

A great entryway doesn’t always have to be over the top; pick and choose what you want your focal point to be.  Check out this amazing Feathered Oyster Quartzite installation that T&M supplied.  This practical home chose to enhance and focus on the flooring, while keeping the walls neutral and furniture minimal. (This is definitely not your ordinary entryway, but we love it!)

Feathered Oyster Quartzite

Below is actually the entryway to our wheeling location.  Being a terrazzo & stone company, we decided to make the flooring part of the main attraction.  It is a beautiful blend of Terrazzo, Marble and Limestone.


We are speechless, check out this 160 sqft epoxy terrazzo rug in the entryway of this private residence.  Create the illusion of a rug by using terrazzo or natural stone.  This method will not only outlast the life of a rug, but the home itself!


You don’t always have to concentrate on the flooring.  You can engage visitors immediately by displaying family photos or art in the entryway. You can make your entryway super girly or macho manly.  Remember it’s your entryway and it’s a vision of your personality.

The most important rule to follow is to make your entryway inviting.

Dark, Sexy & Mysterious … BLACK!

Join the dark side! For all those risk takers, those out of the ordinary bunches that are bold enough to join the dark side, the reward can be breathtaking.  Ok we don’t really want you to join the dark side; we just want you to see how decorating your space with the color black can be stunning.  Black is the most dramatic color, it grounds a room and draws the eye.

Decorating with black is not easy; it takes a special hand and some creativity.  Any room can handle black, it’s just the amount that you use that draws that fine line between grand & depressing. There are limitless ways to get creative with using black in the kitchen.  A black countertop or backsplash can add a unique yet sophisticated feel to any room.  Remember, black is just like any other color it comes in many different shades, tones and finishes. A slick black floor tile can be mesmerizing.  Black floor tiles have the power to accent everything else in the room.

Black is forever! Here are some of our favorite black T&M Materials!


Absolute Black Granite – Polished


Cambrian Black Granite – Satin


Nero Nuvolato Granite – Polished


Black Soaptone – Satin


Nero Marquina Select Marble – Polished


Black Crocodile Marble – Polished


Black Terrazzo


Vitalia Fusao Nero – Porcelain

Accessorize YOUR Stone!

We are forecasting that glass and glass blends will be huge in 2013.  While some may think that glass tiles are just a trend that could phase out, we would like to differ.  If applied strategically or subtly, glass tiles can be both timeless and classy.  Think of glass as ‘jewelry’ for your stone.  A strong piece of jewelry can make anyone feel like a million bucks, so why not translate that into your décor!

Dressing up your stone can make a significant statement in your home.  Don’t get us wrong, glass and glass blends can look great on their own such as a backsplash but we love seeing them in small punches. Every day we see more and more customers feel more comfortable with mixing man-made materials with natural stone.  Plus, this gives everyone a great opportunity to create custom looks.



North Shore

Oslo ad



Terrazzo… The Floor As Your Canvas


Architect:    HKS Architects – Las Vegas, NV
Terrazzo Contractor:    Corradini Corp. – Fountain Valley, CA
Terrazzo Resin Supplier:   Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies
(Terroxy® Resin Systems)


Design Notes:  The Smith Center for the Performing Arts should be the template for all theaters yet to come.  The time and care that went into the finishes of the two adjoining buildings is unparalleled.  Epoxy Terrazzo covers almost every inch of this project.  Each space holds a different design and utilizes a different Terrazzo function to create a unique yet contemporary feel.  The Terrazzo system includes a Moisture Vapor Barrier and a Crack Suppression Membrane along with 4 very precisely chosen colors that flow together in timeless patterns. The logo is displayed everywhere, including the Terrazzo floor.  The main focal point of the structure is a “chevron” pattern that can be seen from all 3 levels above.


With terrazzo, the possibilities are endless. Let the floor be your canvas and bring terrazzo into your next project by contacting your Architectural Sales Consultant for assistance at 800.7.MARBLE or visit




2013 NTMA Honor Awards


Terrazzo & Marble would like to congratulate all 2013 National Terrazzo & Mosaic Association (NTMA) Honor Award winners. Each year the NTMA recognizes the most interesting, intricate and beautiful terrazzo installations from the previous year at their annual convention. This collection of jobs truly demonstrates how the quality and craftsmanship of an NTMA terrazzo Contractor and creativity of architecture and design can transform a floor into a performing art.

Cathedral of Christ the King - Martina Bros.

Cathedral of Christ the King
Martina Bros.

Nu Vista Living - Alpine Terrazzo

Nu Vista Living
Alpine Terrazzo

Multimodal Transportation Center & City Hall - Missouri Terrazzo

Multimodal Transportation Center & City Hall
Missouri Terrazzo

Jacksonville International Airport - David Allen Company

Jacksonville International Airport
David Allen Company


Lurie Children’s Hospital
John Caretti & Company

Children's Hospital of Orange County - Corradini Corp.

Children’s Hospital of Orange County
Corradini Corp.

UCLA Pauley Pavilion - Top End Constructors

UCLA Pauley Pavilion
Top End Constructors

Miami World Globe - David Allen Company

Miami World Globe
David Allen Company

University of Colorado Corradini Corp.

University of Colorado
Corradini Corp.    Photo – © StudioQ

Not Pictured -

Children’s Mercy East Clinic
- Desco Coatings

2013 Honor Award Winners Special Category:

Art- Pharmaceutical Corporate Office
- David Allen Company

Renovation- Tacoma Union Station
- North American Terrazzo


DIFINITI™…Quartz To Suit Your Lifestyle

Balancing Beauty and Function:


is a countertop and flooring product comprised of 93% quartz, granite or recycled glass held together with a pigmented binder. Including some of nature’s strongest minerals, DIFINITI™ is resistant to stains and scratches.


High Performance Quartz Surfacing:

DIFINITI provides a uniform and consistent color eliminating the problem of conflicting grains, veins and movement of other surfaces.

DIFINITI has low absorption eliminating the need for a sealer or topical coating. The hard, non-porous surface makes cleaning simple. In most cases, soap and water or a mild detergent are the only products required to maintain its luster.

There are four unique series that make up DIFINITI™: ENLIGHTEN, ENRICH, EVOLVE and EXCITE. Available in matching tile, DIFINITI™ is flexible for both countertop and flooring design.


ENRICH: Boasts a selection of luxurious and elegant colors that is both tasteful and traditional.


Enrich Series


EXCITE: This fun and flashy color pallet is sure to bring a jolt of energy to your design. The recycled content found in DIFINITI™ EXCITE makes it sassy and sustainable.

Excite Series

Excite Series


ENLIGHTEN: The tranquil colors of ENLIGHTEN offer a clean and monochromatic appearance. The colors of this series are serene and contemporary.

Enlighten Series

Enlighten Series








EVOLVE: Inspired by some of the greenest cities in the world, EVOLVE has a wide array of colors. The recycled content found in DIFINITI™ EVOLVE, makes this series sustainable which is sure to have a great impact.

Evolve Series

Evolve Series




White Marble = Classic Beauty

That gorgeous classic white marble with gray veining has been used around the world for years now.  Discovered before the first century, white marble has proven that it can stand the test of time.  Some of the most beautiful and historic artwork is composed of white marble.  The Taj Mahal, the Statue of David and the Jefferson Memorial are just a few.  White is anything but boring.

White marble comes in a variety of finishes including honed, polished and tumbled and is available in both tile and slab.  It is recommended for both residential and commercial projects, including flooring, countertops, and backsplash.  It can brighten any room, creating the illusion of a larger space.  It’s a rich material that adds beauty to any space.  As you notice style fads constantly changing, a gorgeous Calacatta Gold countertop or that amazing Statuario White backsplash will always be in style.


Of course, one of the most common places to see marble is the bathroom.
Take a look at this Calacatta Gold marble flooring.


Calacatta Nuova tiled flooring and slab countertop.
The touch of white marble brighten up the dark décor of this space.


Marble_Calacatta B_Polished (5) sm

Calacatta kitchen countertop and backsplash.
There is nothing wrong with decorating white on white.
We love it, what are your thoughts on it?


Marble_Calacatta A_Polished (3)

The touch of white marble brightens up the dark décor of this space.
Do you see how this Calacatta kitchen countertop brings out the
rich and vibrant colors of the browns and creams?