The Antolini Tech(nically amazing) Collection

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In 2017 we introduced the newest addition to our slab collection: Antolini Tech (A-tech.)  We then asked ourselves is this a trend, “flavor of the month” or are these Porcelain Slabs here to stay for the long run?  Well it’s safe to say, that these bad boys are not going anywhere!  Two years later, we not only can’t keep these in stock we have now expanded the collection from 12 to 40 colors along with 2 finishes (polished & satin) and 2 thicknesses (6mm & 1.2 cm.)

These slabs can be used just about anywhere and everywhere:  countertops, vanities, shower walls, tub surrounds, fireplaces, floors, feature walls, exterior cladding, outdoors/patios. So get rid of the old school “porcelain only comes in tile for the floor” mentality.

The “easiness” of these slabs, also gives Homeowners/Designers the option to use the same color/pattern as a backsplash, countertop or on the floor. For those that like to match, it’s nice to have that option especially a low maintenance option.  The best part is being able to have a polished backsplash with a satin floor or vice versa.

Still not convinced?

Porcelain Pros:

  • Hygienic surface – suitable for food contact

  • Easy to clean & maintain

  • Resistant to frost & high temperature

  • Mold & mildew resistant

  • Stain & acid resistant

  • UV resistant

  • Resistant to bending & shock

  • Highly resistant to scratching & abrasions

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Cleaning, Maintenance and Care

What maintenance? That’s right, little to no maintenance is required, simply perform daily cleaning with lukewarm water and home detergent.

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Introducing the Marmoker Series by Casalgrande





In years past, the popular choice for tile has always been Marble and Granite, continually leaving Porcelain in the dark. However, in today’s world, the sun is beaming down and the spotlight has never shined brighter on this wonderful Porcelain tile. More fashionable than ever, we have watched this “ugly” duckling grow up to be the most beautiful swan of all!


The most popular Porcelain tiles are those that mimic the organic beauty found in natural stone. The Marmoker Series is just our latest addition to the Casalgrande Collection. Simply put, this tile is elegantly crafted to resemble the true beauty found in the ever so popular marble stone.

The advantage of Porcelain tile is it’s extreme durability coupled with very low maintenance care. You don’t have to worry about staining or scratching due to the fact that this tile is not as soft or porous as natural stone. With Porcelain tile you get the best of both worlds!


With the capability to be used on both flooring and wall coverings, we are proud to announce that we are stocking 7 different colors, one of which you’re sure to fall in love with, that are available in 12″x 24” tiles with your choice of a polished or matte finish.

Marmoker Color Pallete

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Now Trending = Porcelain Wood Planks

With porcelain plank tiles made to portray wood currently being the hottest must have trend in every home or business, it was a no brainer to introduce Vintage to our Vitalia Porcelain Collection.  The Vintage series comprised of three different shades (Brun, Gris and Melange) is made to resemble real wood.

Rustic and charming, the Vintage series has an old world look that is made to never go out of style.  At this point, I’m sure you’re asking yourself why not just go with actual hardwood flooring?  Well the answer is easy: porcelain tile is low cost, has great strength and is low maintenance.  It is highly durable, and much easier to care for than real wood.  It also has a natural resistance to moisture, letting any home owner or business achieve the hardwood look in any room.

We think that the Vintage series will demand attention in any room!

What do you think of this new trend?  Check out some of these amazing porcelain plank tiles that look like real wood.

Brun web

Vintage Series – Brun (Available in 8×36 Planks)

Gris web

Vintage Series – Gris (Available in 8×36 Planks)

Melange web

Vintage Series – Melange (Available in 8×36 Planks)



Tile-It has a presence almost anywhere you go. It can be found in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, commercial buildings, entryways, etc. It can be used as flooring, on walls, as backsplashes or anywhere that you envision. The possibilities are endless.

Tile-It can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. Soft, neutral tones will compliment any of its surroundings and bold, dramatic styles are sure to make a statement. It has the ability to take on any color, finish and size. This is perfect for the creative mind.

Tile- It can take on many forms, such as quartz, porcelain, glass, natural stone, terrazzo and so much more. Size options are endless, whether that is the smallest mosaic or a large paver format. Its color will set what kind of mood a room will convey.

Tile-It is here to stay and is trend setting. It’s meant to be colorful or monochromatic, traditional or modern, striking or subdued, small or large. It’s looking to create a space that is all its own.

Tile-It is all in the versaTILEness.

Examples of tile:


Terrazzo can also be used as tile!













With Terrazzo the tile possibilities are endless!














Angora Grey-honed limestone
Available in 6×36″ plank tiles at T&M
















Absolute Black Premium-polished granite
Available in 12×12″ tiles at T&M
















Vioso Sand

Vioso-Sand-Part of T&M’s Vitalia porcelain tile
Available in 12×24″ matte finished tiles








Europa Beige

Europa-Beige-Part of T&M’s Vitalia porcelain tile
Available in 12×24″ matte finished tiles









North Shore

North Shore-Chicago Series-Part of T&M’s Luce glass collection










Onyx-Geo Series-Part of T&M’s Luce glass collection










Edgewater-part of T&M’s DIFINITI™ quartz
Available in 12×12″ and 12×24″ polished tiles


Corvallis (1)

Corvallis-part of T&M’s DIFINITI™ quartz
Available in 12×24″ polished tiles



Calacatta Borghini Extra large format tiles
Available in 24×24″ and 36×36″ polished marble tiles at T&M










Naples Heart Institute4

Naples Heart Institute
Custom color DIFINITI™ floor tiles


Naples Heart Institute

Naples Heart Institute
Custom color DIFINITI™ floor tile



Piano-honed travertine
6×36″ plank tiles shown in the showroom at T&M’s Wheeling location



Calacatta Gold 12×12″ marble tiles displayed in a bathroom


Calacatta Nuova_2

Calacatta Nuova-large format marble tiles

Calacatta Nuova

Calacatta Nuova-large format marble tiles