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AIA Continuing Education Courses

T&M offers a variety of seminars for the Architectural & Design community for continuing education.

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Terrazzo… The Original Recycled Floor

This course will teach how today’s terrazzo floors are sustainable, show examples of terrazzo’s contribution to LEED projects, health-safety-welfare benefits and design flexibility. Eligible for one AIA Continuing Education Unit (CEU) for Sustainability (SD), Health Safety Welfare (HSW) & Continuing Learning Unit (LU).

Terrazzo Course Objectives:

  • How are today’s terrazzo floors sustainable?
  • Epoxy terrazzo installation step-by-step
  • LEED accredited professional (AP)
  • Health safety welfare benefits
  • Terrazzo design flexibility

Course Details:

Length: 60 minutes
Credits: 1 Learning Unit (AIA & IDCEC)

Resinous Flooring

Focusing on seamless flooring systems from thin film to toweled down, their benefits and recommended applications. Seamless flooring systems are ideal for both industrial and decorative applications. Successful installations of these systems are dependent upon proper surface preparation and applicators know-how.

Resinous Course Objectives:

  • Raw Materials will be explained. This will include primers, binders, broadcasts, and top/finish coats
  • Maintenance of Seamless Systems will be explained. This will cover care for finished seamless floors from the time of installation, daily, monthly, and heavy maintenance
  • Surface Perpetration for Seamless floor will be explained. This will include proper ways of checking for moisture, substrate quality, and adjustments that may be needed prior to applying a seamless system
  • Seamless Flooring System Applications will be explained. Included systems are Thin Film, Broadcast, and Troweled. These examples will include anything from a light floor coating a heavy-duty traffic coat

Course Details:

Length: 60 minutes
Credits: 1 Learning Unit (AIA & IDCEC)

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Continuing Education

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