Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo flooring is comprised of 3 main components that when put together offer the most durable and design flexible system that withstands the test of time. Those 3 components are your Epoxy Matrix, Aggregates, and Divider Strips.

Terrazzo is then poured in place and grinded down to a high gloss or matte finish offering a seamless flooring solution that will last the lifetime of the building.

Terroxy Resin Systems is an extensive line of products specially designed for Terrazzo and Resinous Flooring. The epoxy matrix can be pigmented to match using a fandeck or any printed color of your choice. Terroxy Resin Systems provide peace of mind by enhancing the durability of your flooring system with the finest selection of quality primers, anti-fracture membranes and sealers; helping to make your flooring needs complete. The epoxy matrix can be pigmented to match, using a fandeck or any printed color your choice.

Design Flexibility – Limited Only by Your Imagination

Terrazzo flooring offers designers the ability to create the most distinctive patterns and the most vibrant color palette for their projects. This unlimited design and color flexibility is unique to epoxy terrazzo. By selecting the appropriate colors, patterns and aggregates, designers can create virtually any design imaginable. Due to its seemless nature, Terrazo is less restrictive in the span length between expansion joints.


When making an investment in a building’s flooring, one of the main priorities is choosing a surface that lasts. Terrazzo flooring systems provide an ideal choice for high-traffic surfaces. Facts to consider regarding terrazzo’s durability:

  • Supports Heavy Foot Traffic — Terrazzo is commonly used in facilities that experience heavy foot traffic such as airports, office buildings, hotels, and convention centers. Terrazzo will not form wear patterns from heavy foot traffic unlike soft floor­ing products and other flooring materials.
  • No Grout Joints Required — Terrazzo flooring systems are seamless with little concerns regarding grout discoloration, maintenance, or cracking.
  • Provides Permanent Adhesion — Terrazzo is poured on site, bonding directly to the substrate, which offers incredible compression and tensile strength properties.
  • Easily Adapts to Changing Environments — Any future alterations to a building’s floor can be completed by matching the new epoxy color to the existing color upon installation.


In our current environment, now more than ever, there is a heightened awareness with interior finish selections. For flooring, hard surface options offer the best solution, with epoxy Terrazzo leading the way. Terroxy Resin Systems’ Resinous Matrix Terrazzo does not support the growth of bacteria or fungus & offers a Class A Fire Rating. This is an important consideration for flooring options on critical infrastructure such as Hospitals, Schools, Cafeterias & Restaurants, currently in the design stage.

Infinite Beauty

Terrazzo flooring provides a system that is long-lasting and easy to maintain. Resistant to chemicals, oil, grease, and bacteria, Terrazzo is best for commercial, industrial, and institutional applications. This special formulation does not allow for colors to fade or to wear thin. The colors you choose today will be just as vibrant in 40 years. Common applications are Airports, Stadiums, Hospitals, Office Buildings, Cafeterias, Restaurants, Schools & Universities, Shopping Malls & Convention Centers.


Terrazzo flooring systems were one of the original recycled products available, and today, terrazzo aggregates, binders (like Terroxy Epoxy Matrix) and finished terrazzo flooring systems contribute to US Green Building Council’s (USGBC) credits under the LEED Rating System. The impact we have on our environment and your health is critical to our footprint as a company. We have spent years in development creating products that are certified for Environmental Product Declaration & Health Product Declaration. Consider the following factors when analyzing the environmental impact of terrazzo flooring systems:

  • Resource Reuse: Typically lasting the life of a building, refinishing of terrazzo can restore floor to their original luster.
  • Recycled Content: May contain post-industrial and pre-consumer recycled glass aggregate.
  • Local Regional Materials: Terrazzo chips and epoxy binders are available from a variety of sources throughout the United States.
  • Indoor Emitting Materials: Inorganic based binders contain zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Indoor Air Quality

In today’s construction environment there is a heightened awareness to indoor air quality. Various flooring products have the potential to emit many different types of toxins into indoor air, putting the health of the people that occupy the building at risk. For this reason, Terrazzo and Marble Supply Co. has attained GREENGUARD GOLD Certification through UL Environment for our Terroxy Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring System.

With Terroxy Resin Systems you can breathe easier knowing that our products have been directly tested to ensure they will not pose health risks to building occupants. As a “Green” conscious company, Terrazzo and Marble Supply Co. is proud to prominently display the GREENGUARD GOLD certification mark and looks forward to supplying your next epoxy terrazzo project.


Terrazzo flooring systems require simple cleaning and maintenance. Daily maintenance includes dry mopping or cleaning with a neutral cleaning solution. Incorporate periodic deep cleaning and sealing into your maintenance schedule to protect against difficult to remove stains and to keep the terrazzo floor looking new.

Cost-Effective Flooring Solutions

Consider the lifecycle of an average commercial flooring system. During the lifetime of a building, the total cost of flooring may exceed 35 times the initial cost. With terrazzo flooring systems, floors will typically last the lifetime of the structure. While other systems may require many repairs or even replacement utilizing additional valuable resources, terrazzo flooring systems require minimal maintenance. Choosing carpeting over terrazzo flooring may be a cheaper choice now but over time carpet becomes a more expensive flooring option and will need to be replaced.

Industry Advocate and Leader

Helping to shape the ever-changing landscape of the terrazzo business, Terrazzo & Marble Supply is an active member of various terrazzo organizations such as NTMA, NCTA, TPC, TANS, CSTA, TTMAC, SWTA and WSTA. Through our close industry ties and proven, quality products, we are continually working to enhance the level of integrity and craftsmanship of the terrazzo trade.

Custom Terrazzo Samples

T&M provides architects and designers with complimentary samples through the Terroxy Hard Sample Program.

Design specialists can customize colors to meet nearly any design need…the chip combinations and color selections are endless. Samples are custom made to the exact color and aggregate specifications in a 3/8” Terroxy Epoxy Matrix. Call 800.7.MARBLE to schedule a design consultation.

To order samples please contact us at 800-762-7253 to locate your local sales rep.

* All samples are made to order, please allow 10-14 days for fabrication of all requests.

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