Custom Sample Development

terrazzo marble supply company

How to Create a Terrazzo Sample

Step 1

Design Concept

Review design concept, color palette, and aesthetics

Step 2

Select Paint Swatch for Epoxy Matrix

This will become the background color of the floor

*Any paint fan deck will do

Important Cost Considerations

  • Micro and Venetian formulas carry a premium cost due to added labor and/or material costs

  • Venetian requires a minimum 5/8” elevation with some of the larger venetian aggregates requiring up to 1-1/4” depth

  • Standard size 0, 1, 2 mixes finish at a 3/8” elevation

  • Micro terrazzo is prone to pinholes, we recommend a darker color matrix to best hide these

  • Exotic aggregates such as mother of pearl and recycled glass are a premium cost even in standard size aggregates, so use sparingly if on a budget (10% of mix or less)

Step 3

Select Aggregates and Blend

Select size, type, % of each aggregate

Note: Many installers prefer equal parts 0, 1, 2 or all size #1 for best density, otherwise can have resin rich “bald” spots.

Step 4

Specify Grit and Sealer

For most projects a 200 grit finish and a wb acrylic sealer will be the best choice for overall cost, ease of install, maintenance and low VOC. Consult your T&M Rep to discuss the variables.

Step 5

Create Custom Samples

2 week business days lead time, subject to change based on demand

  • Please contact your Terroxy Sales Representative with any questions or for help in creating your sample

  • If possible, encourage your client to view terrazzo samples from the floor while standing, this gives the most accurate read

  • Remember, this is a handmade material and variation is inherent and part of what makes this material so bespoke and beautiful

  • Sometimes it takes more than one round to get to the ideal control

  • Once you get the control formula dialed in, record the TM# in your specification and finish schedule

Final Steps

  • Send your specification to your Terroxy Resin Systems representative for review

  • Consult with representative on precast elements, strip and joint details, and technical concerns

  • Engage an installer who is a member of the NTMA

    (National Terrazzo Mosaic Association)

terrazzo marble supply company

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