Stadiums, Arenas, and Ball Parks

play host to millions of visitors every year.

These venues are used in a variety of formats to host sporting events, concerts, conventions, as well as many other entertainment functions.

These facilities are relied upon to be flexible in order accommodate many different events.

To accommodate high volumes of visitors, stadiums are being designed with large areas of usable space.

During events held at these arenas you can count on heavy foot traffic from all the activity of the spectators getting in & out of the facility, getting to their seats, and visiting the concession areas.

There isn’t a better flooring option suited to handle this task than Terrazzo.

Hit it out of the park with Durability

Many sports venues around the world have withstood the test of time serving as the home of its respective team for many years.

Terrazzo proves to be the obvious choice with its functionality and performance surpassing those of other flooring systems.

Terrazzo’s impeccable durability and strength are ideal for all the various high traffic areas found within sporting venues such as the concourses, hallways, rest rooms, suites, and vendor shops.

Renovations and additions are very common in these types of facilities as well. Other flooring systems such as vinyl tile have to be replaced frequently in these large, high traffic areas, while terrazzo stands the test of time usually outlasting the building itself.

The initial cost of other flooring systems might appear to be more affordable, but don’t be fooled by an initial savings that will end up costing you more over the long haul.

Design Flexibility

A Winner for Creativity

One of the greatest characteristics of terrazzo is the expansive design flexibility.

With limitless epoxy color possibilities and various aggregate selections this gives the owner/designer the ability to create “branding” in the venue by including team logos, mascots, or corporate sponsorships. The limitless design options also provide an opportunity to use the terrazzo flooring as wayfinding for the patrons to locate exits, rest rooms, seating, or concessions.

Limited only by your imagination, the possibilities are endless in what you can portray through a floor.

“Terrazzo brings design flexibility to our projects. Along with durability greater than that of other flooring materials, terrazzo’s wide color pallet and range of aggregate options leaves the designer free to paint the ideal picture, whether it be modern, artistic, classic or detailed.”

Adam Stover, Director of Product Development
Populous Design – Kansas City, MO


Score LEED Points With Terrazzo

Terrazzo flooring was one of the original recycled products created centuries ago by workers utilizing waste chips from marble slab processing. Today, terrazzo LEED’s the way by offering terrazzo aggregates, binders and finished systems that can help your projects contribute to US Green Building Council’s (USGBC) credits, under the LEED Rating system, version 2.0.

Recycled Content

Terrazzo flooring may contain post industrial and post consumer recycled glass and or stone aggregate.

Local Regional Materials

Terrazzo is manufactured on-site which reduces waste and transportation costs. Also, an assortment of marble and glass aggregates are available from regional quarries across the country. Terroxy Resin Systems offers two regional manufacturing locations, providing a local source for projects within 500 miles of Chicagoland and Los Angeles areas.

Indoor Emitting Materials

Epoxy terrazzo is an inorganic based binder containing no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). Therefore, epoxy terrazzo will not threaten indoor air quality with potentially harmful off-gassing during or after the installation process.

Terrazzo’s Low Maintenance Is A Slam Dunk

As hotdog stands, souvenir stations & beer vendors are strategically placed throughout the concourses of stadiums and arenas, these are popular areas for fans to be hanging out during halftime or even in the middle of a double-play.

Terrazzo flooring is seamless which is a “home run” for multiple reasons. No seams allows for beverages carts and wheelchairs to move easily and smoothly from one end to the other. Seamless terrazzo flooring also allows for easy cleaning and sanitizing.

Typical day to day maintenance only requires using a mop and a bucket of warm water. Terroxy Resin Systems Epoxy Matrix will not promote the growth of bacteria or fungus, helping to maintain sanitation and reduce the transfer of germs among spectators. The seamless feature of terrazzo floors eliminates the potential for dirt to build up in grout joints, making cleaning easy.

Bring your fans to their feet by adding terrazzo flooring to your next design.

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