Divider Strips

Divider Strips

Available in Zinc Alloy, Aluminum or Plastic

Divider strips are used to do just as their name suggests… provide an aesthetic transition between surfaces. By separating the different terrazzo mixes, design freedom is further extended.

Divider strips can be specified in custom sizes and shapes, or in intricate configurations such as company logos or store names. In most cases, divider strips are used during the installation of terrazzo. They are used to enhance or highlight color patterns for outstanding combinations.

Creative Edge and T&M Supply Partnership

TerrazzoTeK manufactured by Creative Edge is a complete toolkit for your artistry in terrazzo flooring. Our many systems faithfully transfer architect’s, designer’s & artist’s patterns to the floor. Incorporate your vision and designs efficiently into your next project, bringing it to life.
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Introducing the TerazzoTEK Systems

Interlocking plastic stencils, custom cut to allow precision transfer of custom designs to substrate surfaces, speeds up installation and gives you optimal control of the hand-bent terrazzo strip process.
Precision-cut frames are adhered to the terrazzo substrate as a single unit, ready for aggregate to be poured. Use with StencilTek for large projects that require both hand-bent and machine-cut strips.
Create elegant, smooth, no-frame terrazzo surfaces in any design with PrecastTek technology. Individual pieces of precast terrazzo are precision cut and pre-fabricated, ready to install.

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