Your Prescription for Healthcare Flooring

Terrazzo flooring plays a major role in the design and construction of new and remodeled healthcare facilities across the country. Why?

Because terrazzo offers an unrivaled solution to maintenance and durability. Concerns over patient safety moves terrazzo to the head of the flooring class for infection control and slip resistance.

Reduced Nosocomial Infection

Hospital-borne infections account for more than 88,000 deaths every year (The Center for Health Design Issue Paper #1).

Terrazzo does not support the growth of bacteria, mold or mildew typically the cause of these fatalities.

Reduced Patient Falls

Frailty of patients as well as the prevalence of medical liquids and bodily fluids increases the likelihood of patient falls in hospitals.

Terrazzo meets the ADA recommendation for slip resistance for both wet and dry conditions offering sure footing for patients and hospital staff.

Ease of Maintenance

Terrazzo flooring is seamless so it’s easy to clean and sanitize, typically maintained with a mop and a bucket of warm water. Terrazzo is also resistant to iodine, betadine and other chemicals  commonly found in hospital laboratories and operating rooms.

Maximum Durability

The strength and quality of terrazzo flooring is ideal for high-traffic areas such as hospital hallways and emergency rooms. Terrazzo offers the lowest life cycle cost of commercial flooring often outlasting the lifetime of a building.

Design Flexibility

Don’t forget about the unique design flexibility offered by terrazzo flooring systems. Limited only by your imagination, terrazzo offers designers and architects the ability to create distinctive patterns while utilizing vibrant color palettes, helping to lift the spirits of melancholy patients.

Renovations and additions are very common in these types of facilities as well. Other flooring systems such as vinyl tile have to be replaced frequently in these large, high traffic areas, while terrazzo stands the test of time usually outlasting the building itself.

The initial cost of other flooring systems might appear to be more affordable, but don’t be fooled by an initial savings that will end up costing you more over the long haul.

“We would also note that when value engineering occurs, as it does on almost every project, it is a shame that interior finishes still get scrutinized solely on the basis of cost when they are so important to the overall aesthetics and effectiveness of the interior environment. You get what you pay for, and much more.”

Healthcare Design Magazine

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