Maintenance & Preparation

Terroxy Maintenance Recommendations:

Terroxy Resinous Flooring Systems are easily maintained due to seamless, durable finish. Floors actually take the most abuse of any surface in the building, therefore requiring regular maintenance. Consider these few basic maintenance guidelines when caring for your resinous floor.

The implementation of a routine maintenance program will prolong the life of the surface in addition to enhancing the appearance. Floors should be swept daily, treated cloth mops should be used to pick up fine abrasive dirt. As floors become soiled, they should be scrubbed with a detergent solution and properly rinsed.

Harsh cleaners and sealers may damage the floor surface. Avoid all-purpose cleaners or soaps containing water soluble, inorganic or crystallizing salts, and harmful alkalis or acids. Also avoid oil based sweeping compounds which can permanently discolor your floor.

Initial Cleaning:

Due to the amount of construction debris, vigorous cleaning may be necessary. Use a soft blue brush on a buffer using mild detergents. Vigorous cleaning may cause some loss of gloss. Loss of gloss does not affect performance of the system.

Note: Some cleaners will affect the color, gloss or texture of your polymer floor surfaces. To determine how your cleaner will perform, we recommend that you first test each cleaner in a small area, utilizing your cleaning technique. This precaution will demonstrate the effect of your cleaner and technique. If no deleterious effects are observed, continue with the procedure. If deleterious effects do occur, modify the cleaning material and/or procedure.

Daily Maintenance:

Dust mop with clean non-oily dust mop. Remove fine dust particles frequently from the mop with a vacuum hose. Remove any wet spillage by damp mopping.

NOTE: Aggressive skid-inhibiting surfaces, require brush scrubbing followed by water rinse. Normal cleaning with a mop will not properly clean the textured surface. See “Weekly Maintenance” for maintaining a skid-inhibiting surface.

Weekly Maintenance:

Damp mop the surface with an All-Purpose cleaner. Scrubbing is required with a skid-inhibiting surface or when a smooth surface becomes very soiled. Use a bristle brush or a bristle attachment on a power scrubber (not a nylon pad) using a detergent solution to dislodge the dirt. The type of detergent will depend on the degree and type of build-up on the floor surface.

Use an All-Purpose cleaner for areas exposed to light traffic dirt. Extremely heavy duty soils, oil, grease, and rubber marks, etc. may be removed using a cleaner / degreaser to remove tire marks and other tough stains. After scrubbing, the floor should be rinsed and vacuumed to prevent the dirt from resettling on the floor.

Heavy Maintenance:

Terroxy Resinous Flooring Systems are resistant to wear and chemical attack. However, if it becomes necessary, the surface may be renewed by cleaning and re-coating with the appropriate resin. Before coating, the floor must be completely cleaned and preferably sanded to insure a sound bond.

Resinous Flooring Concrete Surface Preparation

The following concrete surface preparation guidelines, serves as an aid to owners, design professionals, specifiers and contractors.

For All Surfaces:

All surfaces to receive Terroxy products, must be structurally sound, clean and at minimum, saturated surface dry (SSD). Proper surface preparation is an extremely important factor in the immediate and long-term successful performance of applied polymer floor or wall systems.

The Proper Substrate:

The contractor responsible for the installation of the polymer system shall be provided a substrate that is clean, durable, flat, pitched to specifications, SSD and free of surface contaminants. Providing the “proper substrate” is the responsibility of the owner, the owner’s appointed representative and the concrete contractor, unless specifically stated otherwise. Regardless of responsibility, the steps listed below must be accomplished prior to the placement of a bonded polymer system on concrete.

Proper Surface Preparation is Key

  • Inspection of the concrete substrate
  • Removal and replacement of non-durable concrete
  • Decontamination of the concrete surface
  • Creation of surface profile
  • Repair of surface irregularities

For detailed information on Terroxy resinous maintenance.

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