Terrazzo… The Floor As Your Canvas

Architect:    HKS Architects – Las Vegas, NV
Terrazzo Contractor:    Corradini Corp. – Fountain Valley, CA
Terrazzo Resin Supplier:   Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies
(Terroxy® Resin Systems)


Design Notes:  The Smith Center for the Performing Arts should be the template for all theaters yet to come.  The time and care that went into the finishes of the two adjoining buildings is unparalleled.  Epoxy Terrazzo covers almost every inch of this project.  Each space holds a different design and utilizes a different Terrazzo function to create a unique yet contemporary feel.  The Terrazzo system includes a Moisture Vapor Barrier and a Crack Suppression Membrane along with 4 very precisely chosen colors that flow together in timeless patterns. The logo is displayed everywhere, including the Terrazzo floor.  The main focal point of the structure is a “chevron” pattern that can be seen from all 3 levels above.


With terrazzo, the possibilities are endless. Let the floor be your canvas and bring terrazzo into your next project by contacting your Architectural Sales Consultant for assistance at 800.7.MARBLE or visit www.tmsupply.com.




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