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Midcentury décor is seeping into modern spaces everywhere. Introducing the Quintessenza Muse Collection, a refined shape with a wealth of history behind it.

Talia Grigio Chiaro - Grigio Chiaro Ad sm

These curvy unique tiles come in 10.5×10.5″ pieces, and make a huge statement individually. Did you know that these can be used both as a backsplash and floor tile?
(Your creativity senses should be sparking right about now.)



Yet, when pieced together they tell a rich story.

We simply can’t look away. Remember, get creative with these, you choose the order, you tell the story.


Calliope Biege



Talia Grigio Chiaro

Clio Grigio Scuro

Talia Bianco

Art for your wall? We normally don’t like to admit that we have favorites, but the Ninfa Bianco 7pc backsplash set leaves us speachless everytime.


If you don’t want the entire set you can always add the Fiore Bianco and Stelo Bianco accent pieces to any of the muse collections pieces.

fiore bianco

stelo bianco















We love taking current trends to the next level. Have you been inspired yet?


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