Marbleous, Let’s Talk About It!

Always Imitated, Never 100% Duplicated.  Put Your Hands Together For the OG: Marble!

Let’s face it, marble has a long history with exteriors and interiors. It has been around for centuries, and it’s not going anywhere.  Whether you’re remodeling or simply redecorating, incorporating marble is the easiest way to add a classy yet modern touch to any space!

Stay Classy!

Sophisticated and timeless, marble is the first choice for luxurious home interiors. Having the power to turn any space into a work of art.  Since marble is a natural stone, slabs and tiles vary in veining, adding character to any application. From classic and traditional to farmhouse and industrial interiors, marble can add a glamorous touch.

On the flip side, marble is also the perfect balance to a busy décor.  You can easily balance busy textures and/or vibrant colors with it’s subtle beauty!

marble natural stone slabs

marble natural stone slabs


Be Bold!

Yes marble has the girl next door reputation, but in fact marble can also be edgy and bold.  Not all white marble features subtle light gray veins, think deep veining with a high contrast and a whole lot of attitude.  Marble has the power to transform any room!

marble natural stone slabs

marble natural stone slabs

Marble Everythang!

Marble everywhere has gone to a whole new level, full slab backsplashes and floor to ceiling walls are taking over homes everywhere. This ultra luxe trend is clean and modern and has us feeling goo-goo eyed.

marble natural stone slabs

marble natural stone slabs

Accessories with Marble!

From throw pillows to phone cases, marble is popping up everywhere when it comes to decor.  (Side note, we’re not complaining, because duh it looks stunning on everything!) Especially if you’re not ready to go full blast Marble mode, you can start by adding a few small accessories that will add a big impact.  Adding something as simple as marble print bath accessories to your bathroom, can add just the right touch of luxury.

Have you heard about Azerocare?

For all those worried about etching, staining and all that other good stuff – we introduce you to Azerocare by Antolini Italy. Antolini’s top secret development is unlike anything else.  It effectively makes porous stone non-porous.  Keep in mind this is not a sealer, it’s the first of its kind factory process. It does not have to be reapplied  every few months or years, this is the first permanent treatment done during the cutting and prepping of slabs.  And the cherry on top is that there is basically no maintenance.  No need for harsh chemical cleaners or special polishes, soap and water will do the trick.

Style tips from our crew:

“It’s Marbleous!  Nothing quite competes with the beauty of true Marble.  Hands down you will find the best Marble selection the Midwest has to offer from all over the world right here at T&M!  Truly you’re building on a classic, stunningly  beautiful statement when you choose marble in your home.  You definitely will be kicking it up a few notches!”

– Diane Collins, Design Consultant

“Whether you are doing a modern farmhouse look or a classic look in your home marble is the perfect fit.  It’s timeless charm makes any kitchen or bathroom look gorgeous.  Be bold and add a pop of color to any space.  I especially love our Acqua Honed quartzite paired with a white marble.”

-Liz McParland, Contractor Sales

“Marble is one of the most beautiful stones! A classic material that has been used in different structures for centuries and will never go out of style! It brings the feeling of luxury and wealth, evoking images of sophisticated elegance! We’re lucky enough to procure some of the finest materials from across the world for our client’s. Not to mention, T&M has access to the most exclusive and the best natural stones.”

–  Kamila Pasko, Design Consultant

“Marble is a true classic and timeless material.  It adds appeal and sophistication to any space.  Whether traditional, modern or edgy style, marble is sure to elevate any design.” 

– Emily Van Tassel, Architectural Sales Rep

“There’s a reason Marble has been around for hundreds of years – it’s as timeless as it gets in the design world, and every alternative you see does its best to mimic it.  One of my favorites is our Calacatta Chiara because can go warm or cool, depending on the client’s color palette, and with its honed finish and pattern, I think a very forgiving Marble option.”

– Tina Brittain, Design Consultant


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