Now Trending = Porcelain Wood Planks

With porcelain plank tiles made to portray wood currently being the hottest must have trend in every home or business, it was a no brainer to introduce Vintage to our Vitalia Porcelain Collection. The Vintage series comprised of three different shades (Brun, Gris and Melange) is made to resemble real wood.

Rustic and charming, the Vintage series has an old world look that is made to never go out of style. At this point, I’m sure you’re asking yourself why not just go with actual hardwood flooring? Well the answer is easy: porcelain tile is low cost, has great strength and is low maintenance. It is highly durable, and much easier to care for than real wood. It also has a natural resistance to moisture, letting any home owner or business achieve the hardwood look in any room.

We think that the Vintage series will demand attention in any room!

What do you think of this new trend? Check out some of these amazing porcelain plank tiles that look like real wood.

Brun web
Vintage Series – Brun (Available in 8×36 Planks)
Gris web
Vintage Series – Gris (Available in 8×36 Planks)
Melange web
Vintage Series – Melange (Available in 8×36 Planks)


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