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Rustic Décor

Welcome to the dark side! Darker kitchens, natural woods and raw rustic decor is coming back strong.  We love the idea of bringing the outdoors in.  Rustic decor not only brings warmth to any space but it adds a timeless touch.  And really, who wouldn’t be charmed by the cozy textures of nature.



Have you met Bronze yet? It’s the new metal of 2018!  Also known as brass & copper’s more neutral and calm cousin. If you love working with metals but prefer more of a subtle scream then bronze will be your go to.

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That’s so Millennial, Millennial Pink that is!

Even though Pantone named rose quartz color of the year in 2016, we’re still digging it in 2018! Plus now more than ever you see more and more shades of pink working its way into home décor! It’s a happy color that you can have fun with!

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The thrill of plants!

Plant [plahnt] noun

  1. the latest and greatest accessory to any space

“Forget the accent pillow, get a plant!”

Ok this has to be the easiest and most inexpensive way to not only add color but glamour to any interior! Are you sold yet? If not, you’re about to be!

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terrazzo everything duh …

Not to be bias, but yes we are digging Terrazzo more than ever! Besides being a great flooring option we love everything terrazzo that we’re seeing – from pillows to jewelry, etc…

Hey even the Parr family’s new home in the Incredibles 2 movie features terrazzo flooring.  “Oooooo, this house is so fabulous, we’re gonna be putting terrazzo everywhere,” says Incredibles 2 art director Bryn Imagire.

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