Nu Vista Living

Architect: Interior Design Associates, Inc. – Nashville, TN
Terrazzo Contractor: Alpine Terrazzo, Inc. – Maitland, FL
Terrazzo Resin Supplier: Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies
(Terroxy® Resin Systems)


Design Notes:  Nu Vista Living’s facility welcomes guests and visitors with its bright and inviting newly remodeled terrazzo flooring.  The focal point of this project is a fiery medallion at the center of the terrazzo floor which radiates outwards into a geometrical pattern.  Inspired by the Fibonacci sequence, the tone-on-tone colors were achieved by changing the resin color while keeping the aggregate mix the same.  In addition to marble aggregates, Mother-of-Pearl was used adding a glimmer of iridescence. The seamless floor is easily maintained and great for high traffic.


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