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Attention all marble haters!?! Ok, maybe that’s being a little too dramatic.  But for years the beauty of marble came with baggage – etching, staining and everything else was just part of the package.  Until now, Antolini Italy developed a revolutionary new treatment called Azerocare, in other words a lifesaver for all marble lovers! 


When it comes to perfecting and showcasing natural stone, Italian stone manufacturer Antolini stays committed to the development of new technologies and innovations. Azerocare is unlike anything you have ever seen.  It effectively makes a porous stone non-porous. It’s the first of its kind to give polished marbles, onyxes and specialty stones full protection from etching and staining caused by contact with acid-based food elements.

Antolini’s top secret development is unlike anything else.  Keep in mind this is not a sealer, it’s the first of its kind factory process. It does not have to be reapplied every few months or years, this is the first permanent treatment done during the cutting and prepping of slabs.

Maintenance? What maintenance. No need for harsh chemical cleaners or special polishes, refer to the good old reliable soap and water technique.  Azerocare slabs also have bacteriostatic properties, which mean that bacteria are stopped from reproducing on the slab surface. 






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