DIFINITI™…Quartz To Suit Your Lifestyle

Balancing Beauty and Function:


DIFINITI is a countertop and flooring product comprised of 93% quartz, granite or recycled glass held together with a pigmented binder. Including some of nature’s strongest minerals, DIFINITI™ is resistant to stains and scratches.


High Performance Quartz Surfacing:

DIFINITI provides a uniform and consistent color eliminating the problem of conflicting grains, veins and movement of other surfaces.

DIFINITI has low absorption eliminating the need for a sealer or topical coating. The hard, non-porous surface makes cleaning simple. In most cases, soap and water or a mild detergent are the only products required to maintain its luster.

There are four unique series that make up DIFINITI™: ENLIGHTEN, ENRICH, EVOLVE and EXCITE. Available in matching tile, DIFINITI™ is flexible for both countertop and flooring design.


ENRICH: Boasts a selection of luxurious and elegant colors that is both tasteful and traditional.

Enrich Series


EXCITE: This fun and flashy color pallet is sure to bring a jolt of energy to your design. The recycled content found in DIFINITI™ EXCITE makes it sassy and sustainable.

Excite Series
Excite Series


ENLIGHTEN: The tranquil colors of ENLIGHTEN offer a clean and monochromatic appearance. The colors of this series are serene and contemporary.

Enlighten Series
Enlighten Series








EVOLVE: Inspired by some of the greenest cities in the world, EVOLVE has a wide array of colors. The recycled content found in DIFINITI™ EVOLVE, makes this series sustainable which is sure to have a great impact.

Evolve Series
Evolve Series




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