Marbleous, let’s talk about it!

Always imitated, never 100% duplicated.  Put your hands together for the OG: Marble!

Let’s face it, marble has a long history with exteriors and interiors. It has been around for centuries, and it’s not going anywhere.  Whether you’re remodeling or simply redecorating, incorporating marble is the easiest way to add a classy yet modern touch to any space!

Stay Classy!

Sophisticated and timeless, marble is the first choice for luxurious home interiors. Having the power to turn any space into a work of art.  Since marble is a natural stone, slabs and tiles vary in veining, adding character to any application. From classic and traditional to farmhouse and industrial interiors, marble can add a glamorous touch.

On the flip side, marble is also the perfect balance to a busy décor.  You can easily balance busy textures and/or vibrant colors with it’s subtle beauty!


Be Bold!

Yes marble has the girl next door reputation, but in fact marble can also be edgy and bold.  Not all white marble features subtle light gray veins, think deep veining with a high contrast and a whole lot of attitude.  Marble has the power to transform any room!

Marble Everythang!

Marble everywhere has gone to a whole new level, full slab backsplashes and floor to ceiling walls are taking over homes everywhere. This ultra luxe trend is clean and modern and has us feeling goo-goo eyed.

Accessories with Marble!

From throw pillows to phone cases, marble is popping up everywhere when it comes to decor.  (Side note, we’re not complaining, because duh it looks stunning on everything!) Especially if you’re not ready to go full blast Marble mode, you can start by adding a few small accessories that will add a big impact.  Adding something as simple as marble print bath accessories to your bathroom, can add just the right touch of luxury.

Have you heard about Azerocare?

For all those worried about etching, staining and all that other good stuff – we introduce you to Azerocare by Antolini Italy. Antolini’s top secret development is unlike anything else.  It effectively makes porous stone non-porous.  Keep in mind this is not a sealer, it’s the first of its kind factory process. It does not have to be reapplied  every few months or years, this is the first permanent treatment done during the cutting and prepping of slabs.  And the cherry on top is that there is basically no maintenance.  No need for harsh chemical cleaners or special polishes, soap and water will do the trick.

Style tips from our crew:

“It’s Marbleous!  Nothing quite competes with the beauty of true Marble.  Hands down you will find the best Marble selection the Midwest has to offer from all over the world right here at T&M!  Truly you’re building on a classic, stunningly  beautiful statement when you choose marble in your home.  You definitely will be kicking it up a few notches!”

– Diane Collins, Design Consultant

“Whether you are doing a modern farmhouse look or a classic look in your home marble is the perfect fit.  It’s timeless charm makes any kitchen or bathroom look gorgeous.  Be bold and add a pop of color to any space.  I especially love our Acqua Honed quartzite paired with a white marble.”

-Liz McParland, Contractor Sales

“Marble is one of the most beautiful stones! A classic material that has been used in different structures for centuries and will never go out of style! It brings the feeling of luxury and wealth, evoking images of sophisticated elegance! We’re lucky enough to procure some of the finest materials from across the world for our client’s. Not to mention, T&M has access to the most exclusive and the best natural stones.”

–  Kamila Pasko, Design Consultant

“Marble is a true classic and timeless material.  It adds appeal and sophistication to any space.  Whether traditional, modern or edgy style, marble is sure to elevate any design.” 

– Emily Van Tassel, Architectural Sales Rep

“There’s a reason Marble has been around for hundreds of years – it’s as timeless as it gets in the design world, and every alternative you see does its best to mimic it.  One of my favorites is our Calacatta Chiara because can go warm or cool, depending on the client’s color palette, and with its honed finish and pattern, I think a very forgiving Marble option.”

– Tina Brittain, Design Consultant


Meet & Pair!

This may be a pumpkin spice latte but these stones are anything but basic!  Meet the new fall staples of stone. If you’re currently remodeling or renovating your home then keep on reading!

Meet Blue Dorato Soapstone:

There’s not a soapstone we met that we didn’t like. Especially Blue Dorato Soapstone, that gold veining is everything! If you’re not familiar with Soapstone, it’s comparable to your favorite pair of jeans, you just fall in love with it more and more throughout time.  

Perfect Pair:

(Bianco Genesi 26, Grigio Tracce 3 Superfici, Antracite CG Cemento)

Meet Nero Levanto AZC:

Talk about dramatic! If you’re looking to make a statement then this is the marble you want in your kitchen! And guess what, this is available in Azerocare, low maintance, no etching & no staining!

Perfect Pair:

(Italian White Carrara, Black CG Architecture, Statuario Grigio CG Marmoker, Antracite Genesi 13)

Meet Oyster Grey:

For all those cool tone lovers, Oyster Grey is here!!

Perfect Pair:

(Kerrala, White CG Architecture, Statuario White Extra)

Meet Aculla:

New Arrival, Aculla, sure stands out! We love the beautiful quartz crystals found in each slab!

Perfect Pair:

(Tortora Genesi 13, Porto Rotondo CG Sardegna, Chicago Avondale Glass Mosaic)

Meet Capri:

Get lost, in the wild veining of Capri! Mother Nature never disappoints, Capri wows from every angle!


Perfect Pair:

(Malta, Bardiglio Imperiale CG Marmoker, Scandinavian Oslo Glass Mosaic, Statuario Grigio CG Marmoker)

Remodeling 101 – Everything you need to know about Slab Selection!

If the idea of remodeling your home has kept you in the same kitchen for years then consider yourself lucky for stumbling upon this blog.  We know that any kind of remodel/renovation can seem like a scary task to take on. But with the right information, a helpful Professional Designer and a Fabricator it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Below are a few helpful tips that will make the process of choosing a new slab easier.  If you still have questions, simply call and talk to one of our helpful Design Consultants. (Clockwise from top: Maggie, Leona, Margaret, Robbi, Diane, Liz & Monika)

Image from iOS (1)

First things first, find a local Fabricator that works for you.  Just to make your life easier in the end, it’s better to know exactly what you need before starting to look for slabs or doing your research.  No matter how big or small your project, have a Fabricator come out and measure exactly what you will need. Eyeballing doesn’t always cut it.

Remodeling 101 Tip:  Pick your countertop first and then move on to the backsplash.  Remember you need your dress before accessories!

Image from iOS (3)Designer: Spectrum Design Group

Once you have your measurements, you can begin brainstorming.  Getting ideas online is great, besides the good ol’ google, there’s also instagram, pinterest & houzz.  You can also view live inventory at

Remodeling 101 Tip: Our website is completely live, you get to see our actual stock online. (How cool!?) You can view material by type, color, or price level.  (Please note that prices are shown by levels, level 1-10, level 1 being the lowest to level 10 the highest. It’s helpful to find out from your Fabricator what price levels you should be looking at.)


At this point you should have a pretty good idea of how you want your home to look like and what you’re looking for.  And if you don’t, that’s ok too, that’s what we’re here for.  You don’t need an appointment to come in and look at slabs but it is helpful to make one.

Remodeling 101 Tip: Bring anything you can that will make the decision of choosing a slab/s easier.  The more you bring to the initial meeting – the better. Cabinets, wall colors, photos, and even sketches will help tremendously in the end.

Image from iOS (5)

Designer: Studio Brunstrum

Good things don’t just come in tiny blue boxes.

Have you ever received a gift from Tiffany’s? You don’t even have to open it, the box itself, that iconic Tiffany Blue puts a smile on your face. Tiffany has turned their distinctive shade into an international icon of elegance and sophistication. “From the moment you set your eyes upon Tiffany’s cool and fresh aquatic blue shade, a color that speaks to vibrancy and escape, you are immediately transported into a world filled with luxury and delight.” –Pantone

Blue Box Cafe Clock IMG_3930

It’s no wonder the launch of Tiffany & Co’s new blue themed restaurant features Amazonite specialty stone. You can find the unique turquoise hues of Amazonite throughout the walls of Blue Box Café. They say turquoise is the color that can recharge ones spirits during times of mental stress and tiredness. When focusing on the color turquoise, whether on a wall, clothing or décor you feel an instant calm, a gentle tuck of energy.

Blue Box Cafe 1

For being a bright and vibrant color, turquoise is also versatile and comes in many different shades and tones. When incorporating turquoise into your next project, consider the cousins: Aqua, Aquamarine & Teal. Choose the version that best suits your personality and the vibe you want to go with. There is no wrong choice, these are all great pick me up colors that are sure to to awaken your spirits.


Closer to green than blue, aqua is refreshing and uplifting. It is creative and light-hearted, yet strong and individual. Add a soft glow to any space especially great for brightening up a small area.

a34d54a971f45ea3ed70c88a4cabe92e 537de76ecb922184d9b584153ade6ca2 (1)


Enhancing creativity and inspiration, the color aquamarine calms and balances the mind and emotions. Aquamarine is a vibrant eye catching color, one glace and you’ll be dreaming of a Caribbean vacation.

Lightstreams Aquamarine Glass Tile Swimming Pool Floor 3a9142c7bce4597ea1d17d4bbe587e49


A more sophisticated version of turquoise, teal signifies trustworthiness and reliability. It promotes spiritual advancement and commitment. This chic hue can stand alone or be paired with any sister shades of blue.

c7ab9729fe7541e1adef92dbe83dcba9 6b9046eb3878a61cb04d23ff04375c6e (1)

Introducing: The Antolini Tech Collection

Porcelain Slabs

Porcelain slabs are quickly gaining popularity and becoming the material of choice. Now we have to ask ourselves, is this a trend, “flavor of the month,” or are they here for the long run? Porcelain slabs have been a hot item in Europe for some time now, and slowly making their transition into the states. One thing’s for sure, this trend is here to stay, expect to see a growing incline in porcelain slabs for both residential and commercial markets.

Why Porcelain? Aside from the obvious – durability, versatility and low maintenance – Porcelain is available in a variety of colors and finishes that can be used for flooring, wall cladding and countertop applications. Whether its your style or not, you now have the option to have the same color/pattern throughout your countertop, floors, walls and baseboard. Additionally, the thinness of porcelain slabs screams sleek and modern which we love!

Antolini Tech


Antolini Tech Porcelain Slabs

Introducing the Antolini Tech Porcelain Collection Slabs. Available in 10 new colors ranging in both polish and satin 1.2 slabs.

The Antolini Tech Porcelain Collections Slabs are created by compacting material such as clays, feldspars, kaolin and quartz sands, baked in ovens at very high temperatures. With the size of 63×126, the Antolini Tech slabs are suitable for most varied applications such as kitchen tops, bathroom vanity tops, table tops, and furnishing in general; façade cladding, flooring, etc.

Antolini Tech 8

Antolini Tech 3

    • Hygienic surface – suitable for food contact
    • Easy to clean & maintain
    • Resistant to frost & high temperature
    • Mold & mildew resistant
    • Stain & acid resistant
    • UV resistant
    • Resistant to bending & shock
    • Highly resistant to scratching & abrasions


Cleaning, Maintenance and Care

What maintenance? That’s right, little to no maintenance is required, simply perform daily cleaning with lukewarm water and home detergent.

Is Porcelain Right For You?

Assuming you have read the list above, when looking at the list of pros of porcelain there is not much room left for the cons. If you are looking for a sleek modern look the Antolini Tech Collection is right for you! Especially if you like the look of marble but are scared off by its brittleness and the fact that it stains easily, then porcelain may be an option!

Antolini Tech 5

Antolini 10

Antolini tech 4



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