The Natura Collection

Nature and technology team up to produce unique results with each slab. Patterns and finishes can be tailored thanks to the wide range of materials available and the use of innovative production techniques.

The Natura Collection utilizes digital technology to etch unique designs into the stone. This can be done with lasers, water jets or other techniques depending on the stone and design. Designs can be done on over 500 different types of stones, making the possibilities endless.

Verde Tunas - Contatto Design
Far From Ordinary…Verde Tunas-Contatto Design
Far From Ordinary…Sandy Blue-Papilio Design
Far From Ordinary…Nero Assoluto-Linea Gold Design
Natura Forest Ad
Far From Ordinary…Grey Soapstone-Forest Design
Far From Ordinary…Limestone Persiano-Croco Design
Brown Antique - Maxi Flora
Far From Ordinary…Brown Antique-Maxi Flora Design
Far From Ordinary…Volga Blue-Arabesco Design




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