Architect: HNTB – San Diego, CA
Terrazzo Contractor: T.B. Penick & Sons –  San Diego, CA
Terrazzo Resin Supplier: Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies
(Terroxy® Resin Systems)


Design Notes: The improved San Diego International Airport features 215,000 square feet of terrazzo.  Architect, Gordon Phillips chose terrazzo not only because of its durability but the ability to produce a  multitude of design ideas while keeping a seamless and clean finish. The idea behind the design was to reflect the movement of the surf on black sand showing in order across the width of the concourses – black sand, wet sand, foam, foam on water and water in sequence.  The terrazzo pattern in the areas of the terminals known as Sunset Cove and the Rotundas, was inspired by the tide pools and boardwalks at Point Loma, a local beach in San Diego.  The results were not only beautiful but conveyed San Diego’s unique sense of home.


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