T&M is Pleased to Introduce T-Rx Coating for your Terrazzo Needs!

  • T-Rx is a permanent, high performance terrazzo coating designed for high-traffic interior applications.
  • Uses IPN technology to provide unsurpassed mar and scratch resistance, high gloss and excellent chemical resistance
  • Permanent Water-Based, 2-Part Urethane/Acrylic Coating
  • Applies like a floor finish
  • Never strip again


“T-Rx has been down in our Civil Engineering building for 4 months now. I’m so impressed there isn’t a mark on the floor. This is the main entrance to the building which gets lots of water and leaves tracked in and it hasn’t hurt the floor at all. The floor is only damp mopped once a day. I can’t wait until T-Rx is available because I want to put it down in more buildings on campus. I highly recommend this product.”

Assistant Superintendent

University of Illinois – Chicago, IL






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