Architect: Fentress Architects – Denver, CO
Terrazzo Contractor: CORRADINI Corp. – Fountain Valley, CA
Terrazzo Resin Supplier: Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies
(Terroxy® Resin Systems)


Design Notes: It’s clear why LAX Bradley won this year’s NTMA Job of the Year.  This enormous airport terminal expansion includes over 555,000 square feet of 3/8” Epoxy Terrazzo in eleven different colors across 6 different levels. The architect chose a whimsical color pattern in hopes of directing traffic flow while tying each of the design elements together.   A striking, yet challenging feature are the Cast-in-Place Terrazzo portals that wrap up along the walls continuing onto the ceiling.  Precast terrazzo stair cases and landings were used to join each of the levels together.  This airport terminal illustrates the perfect balance of an artistic design flow while maintaining a functional low maintenance traffic area for the city’s expanding needs.


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