The ladies of T&M highlight their current obsessions!

Remodeling, updating or simply looking? Whether you’re a pro or it’s your first time, all these scenarios can be overwhelming and stressful. How can they not be, especially with an endless amount of beautiful stones and tiles to choose from! So sit back, grab a coffee and see what the ladies of T&M are currently loving.


Diane Collins – Design Consultant

Personal Style: Traditional with a pinch of spice

Everyday Necessity: My Starbucks Coffee

Holiday Traditions: Shopping in the city followed by dinner at Harry Caray’s (yum)

Current Crush: Via Lattea Honed Granite! Have you seen these slabs? The contrast between the rich black and white veining makes these slabs stunning.

Who says kitchens have to be white on white? Make a bold statement with a dark countertop or backsplash. Nothing screams drama better than that. Remember you can always balance the dark countertops with light flooring or cabinetry.

Monika Tomaszkiewicz – Design Consultant

Personal Style: Chic & Modern

Everyday Necessity: My daily Target visits

Holiday Traditions: Spending time with my family during the holidays while enjoying the 12 traditional Polish dishes! Of Course, followed by midnight mass and Christmas carols.

Current Crush: Currently I am loving the vibrant colors found in Michelangelo Quartzite! It’s the perfect stone to use if you want to add pizzazz to any space.

Mother Nature created some rare treats! Making the stone the focal point can influence the overall tone of any space.



Maggie Palka – Design Consultant

Personal Style: Contemporary Modern

Everyday Necessity: My everyday phone calls with my dad

Holiday Traditions: I always look forward to family gatherings around the holidays, nothing better than reminiscing on old memories.

Current Crush: Have you seen the new Antolini Tech Porcelain Collection? Besides the slabs being gorgeous, I love how low maintenance and durable they are. Great for wall application!

Achieving a sleek & modern décor doesn’t have to break your budget! The Antolini Tech Porcelain Collection is not only budget friendly but screams luxury!

Margaret Stryszowski – Design Consultant

Personal Style: Transitional with touch of traditional flavor

Everyday Necessity: A good hardy breakfast

Holiday Traditions: Christmas tree decorating and baking cookies

Current Crush: This is an excellent stone for any countertop or backsplash application. I love Chalet in particular because of its unique beauty. Good job Mother Nature!

Dare to gray? Gray décor started off as a trend, but clearly made an everlasting mark. Both a neutral and a statement, it’s the perfect complement to any space.



Calli Wright – Architectural Sales Rep

Personal Style: Minimal + Classic

Everyday Necessity: Coffee!

Holiday Traditions: There are so many! However, it would not be Christmas without my family. All of us getting together for three days under one roof –I look forward to it every year!

Current Crush: Nothing can beat Calacatta Borghini. Classic Beauty.

Calli couldn’t have said it better; this is a classic and timeless choice for any space! With so many copy cat marble lookalikes, don’t forget the real OG!

Robbi Lopatka – Showroom Manager

Personal Style: Farmhouse/Rustic Style

Everyday Necessity: Hot cup of tea

Holiday Traditions: Enjoying time with family

Current Crush: Taj Mahal Satin Quartzite. Soft white tones mixed with warm beige under tones in the satin finish is very warm and inviting with a casual feel.

Taj Mahal is neutral it can go with every color cabinetry from white, grey to espresso! Something for everyone.



Emily Van Tassel – Architectural Sales Rep

Personal Style: I love classic clean look

Everyday Necessity: Usually coffee, but lately green tea

Holiday Traditions: Every year we bake Christmas cookies, it takes 3 days to complete, 8 different recipes passed down from generations. It’s by far my favorite time of year, spending time with family creating memories!

Current Crush: Lincoln Gold Vein, I love the delicate veining of this marble, and yet it feels a little more modern day compared to the Italian marbles we all know and love. And it happens to be quarried in the US!

The Calacatta family may have a new competitor, Lincoln Gold Vein is stunning! We love the gentle gold and gray veins found in this milky white marble.

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