Join the dark side! For all those risk takers, those out of the ordinary bunches that are bold enough to join the dark side, the reward can be breathtaking. Ok we don’t really want you to join the dark side; we just want you to see how decorating your space with the color black can be stunning. Black is the most dramatic color, it grounds a room and draws the eye.

Decorating with black is not easy; it takes a special hand and some creativity. Any room can handle black, it’s just the amount that you use that draws that fine line between grand & depressing. There are limitless ways to get creative with using black in the kitchen. A black countertop or backsplash can add a unique yet sophisticated feel to any room. Remember, black is just like any other color it comes in many different shades, tones and finishes. A slick black floor tile can be mesmerizing. Black floor tiles have the power to accent everything else in the room.

Black is forever! Here are some of our favorite black T&M Materials!

Absolute Black Granite – Polished
Cambrian Black Granite – Satin
Nero Nuvolato Granite – Polished
Black Soaptone – Satin
Nero Marquina Select Marble – Polished
Black Crocodile Marble – Polished
Black Terrazzo
Vitalia Fusao Nero – Porcelain

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