First impressions are lasting impressions. It only takes one-tenth of a second for someone to paint an image of who you are or how you live. They aren’t always accurate, and can be misleading at times. We are all very critical of one another, especially each other’s homes. If this very second, someone were to walk through your front door, what would your entryway say about you?

Remember the entryway sets the tone for the rest of your home. Work with the space you have. Determine whether you want to make a comfy and inviting entryway or a bold and daring one. There is no wrong or right way when it comes to decorating your entryway, it’s more of a sample taste of what your visitors will get when they enter your home.

A great entryway doesn’t always have to be over the top; pick and choose what you want your focal point to be. Check out this amazing Feathered Oyster Quartzite installation that T&M supplied. This practical home chose to enhance and focus on the flooring, while keeping the walls neutral and furniture minimal. (This is definitely not your ordinary entryway, but we love it!)

Feathered Oyster Quartzite

Below is actually the entryway to our wheeling location. Being a terrazzo & stone company, we decided to make the flooring part of the main attraction. It is a beautiful blend of Terrazzo, Marble and Limestone.


We are speechless, check out this 160 sqft epoxy terrazzo rug in the entryway of this private residence. Create the illusion of a rug by using terrazzo or natural stone. This method will not only outlast the life of a rug, but the home itself!


You don’t always have to concentrate on the flooring. You can engage visitors immediately by displaying family photos or art in the entryway. You can make your entryway super girly or macho manly. Remember it’s your entryway and it’s a vision of your personality.

The most important rule to follow is to make your entryway inviting.

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